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[opens fire at Urkelbot who catches all the rounds in his hand], Urkelbot: [Urkelbot walks up to the robber and drops the bullets on the floor before lifting the robber off the floor with one hand], Urkelbot: [Terminator Impression] Hasta la vista, baby! Steve Urkel: Hi Laura, my little sweet potata!

He introduced himself and I was immediately struck by deep brown eyes, his engaging sense of humor and how delicately he handled my cantalopes. Steve Urkel: Your Honor, I would like to call Waldo Faldo! It's fascinating. Carl Otis Winslow: Hello. [Eddie groans as Carl walks in to brighten his mood], [Eddie leaves with Carl to hang out with him. Surround yourself with people who love theLord, love themselves and love you, and you can't really fail. Carl Otis Winslow: Better, I locked him up. Steve Urkel: Edward this stuff's been hawked. Laura: I was thinking about taking a home economics class so I can learn how to cook.

Votes: 2, Family is extremely important, and home is wherever they're waiting for you. Waldo Geraldo Faldo: Oh, no thanks, I went before I left. Was it fair that you stood your father up for bowling? Steve Urkel: Actually, it was my dad who said that. Harriette Winslow: [retrieves a coupon from her purse] Ohhh no no no, Carl! Laura Lee Winslow: [reading note] 'If you want black history, go back to Africa'.

Willie Fuffner: But he wasn't, so chill out ok. Laura Lee Winslow: You just don't get it, do you. Steve Urkel: Really? Votes: 2, It doesn't matter what kind of problems a family is having; it should always stay in the family. Waldo Geraldo Faldo: I'm missing the parade. We have to stop this violence. Steve looks at Laura], [At The Winslow home in the alternate world]. Some Sorry looking roses that are 3 hours away from potpourri. If you cut me, do I not cough?

Steven 'Steve' Quincy Urkel: It was on his tongue! Harriette Winslow: But, apparently, you seem to want to learn these things the hard way, so be it. Edward 'Eddie' James Arthur Winslow: Oh well... Steven 'Steve' Quincy Urkel: You mean to tell me that the Army screwed up the paper work again. Steven 'Steve' Quincy Urkel: My uncle, Elijah Urkel, has been struck by lightning four times. [He and his partner grabs Willie and Waldo]. Harriette Winslow: Carl, I'm up in Laura's room and she looks at me, and she asks 'Why, Mom?

[skips away from Stefan and Myra towards the elevator. Family Matters is an American sitcom series that originated on ABC from September 22, 1989 to May 9, 1997, before moving to CBS from September 19, 1997 to July 17, 1998. This causes Steve, Waldo and Weasel to leave and Eddie laughs nervously]. And I'll be coming home tomorrow. Steve Urkel: Ready, my sweet? Carl Otis Winslow: Oh, now Harriette, that's a bit harsh. But I like myself, and that makes me cool. Steve Urkel: You mean, you want to kiss me? At a party, once, he clamped cables to his earlobes and jump-started a Volkswagen. Cornelius Eugene Urkel aka OGD: You all right, Mr.W, [he teaches Carl how to handshake in his neighborhood. What do you get when you multiply a negative by a negative? All of us remember and love the "Family Matters" show. Laura: No! Go home and love your family. He doesn't have the advantages to see how good the cops are like our kids have. That's one thing you'll learn as an adult.

I have a muscle in my forehead that will not stop jerking! Carl Otis Winslow: What did she have to say? Not bells, Swiss Melody Chimes.

Bushwhacker Luke: Me and me brother, we hate cops! You think she'll really kiss Steve? Heapingly, overflowingly, full!

They're the ones who'll keep you standing. Isn't that sad? This poker game is important to you and I messed it up by inviting this windbag. Why, because of you, he's swapping recipes with Wolfgang Puck. Estelle 'Mother' Winslow: L means lousy. [splashes Waldo with the spiked punch].

Edward 'Eddie' Winslow: Then how 'bout a nice juicy thigh? You can do it! Waldo: Fifteen and that's as high as I'm going. It's a way that women are kept in line, kept in our places. Carl Otis Winslow: Ohohoho... and they are personal and private. No matter how American I become, I'm considered part of the Chinese community by my own family. Sorry I'm late, but I got my tongue stuck in the printing press. Rodney Beckett: I'm Rodney, but my friends call me Rod-meister. Someday, I'll thank myself for this. Let's trot on over there and see what develops. Carl Otis Winslow: Thanks for the present son. Hey, what were you doing in my closet? [takes note and crumbles it, Laura slams locker door, revealing the word 'N*gger' spray painted on it]. Why that low-down-cheap-bunder-headed-mud-slinging-bush-wacking-slanderous-snake-in-a-skirt is blackmailing you! Laura Lee Winslow: Steve, could you go a little faster? Grab a blanket and go sleep in the bathtub. Weasel: [pulls out a lot of cash from his pockets] Look at this $1500 dead presidents and the homies are still coming in. How did you know? That's one thing you'll learn as an adult. This is my mother. Raoul asked me out, but I told him that I was happily married.

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