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By faith, I am a Catholic nun. Thus, naming your bundle of joy after a flower is a great choice. Famous bearers include talented Paul Cezanne, Paul McCartney, and Paul Klee. These names practically “sing!” Here are some of our top picks for boys: Originally published Sept. 2010. Nameberry is a registered trademark of Nameberry, LLC. Killian is an Irish baby boy name, which sounds great. Ade is an exotic baby boy name of Nigerian origin. Is your dream for your baby boy to become an adventurous world traveler? Top 100 Shih Tzu Male Dog Names. These Baby Boy Names Have Real Swagger. In both Kurdish and Swahili, the name means "the beautiful one of the path.". It is a substitute for Lucas and Luke. The meaning of Bran is ‘raven’. Read More, Alessio, simpler than the related Alessandro, would be a welcome settler here. Linus is a mythological name popular in Finland. > 211 Unusual, Exotic & Unique Cat Names For Your Precious Friend. Daniel can be used as a surname. These Angelic Baby Names Are Perfect for Your (Let's Hope) Little Angel, These Angelic Baby Names Are Perfect for Your (Let’s Hope) Little Angel, Top Stretch Mark Creams Moms Swear by During Pregnancy, These Boy-Girl Twin Names Are the Perfect Match — & Twice the Cuteness, Looking for Cool Names for Your Kid? Do you keep seeing the same old names over and over, when what you want are rare, exotic baby girl names and baby boy names? Razi is a great choice for your sweet bundle of joy. Or you may simply be looking for unique boys' names and want to consider international names as one source. The name Akio has a beautiful sound and an interesting meaning. From the lush green fields of Scotland to the cherry blossom trees in Japan, the world around us offers people many natural wonders… and exotic names. It is a great choice if you are looking for a unique and cool name for your child. Updated July 2017. Dark red. Ren is a unisex name popular in Japan. An exotic choice for baby girls, on the other hand, is the name Teodora, which contains more edge phonic vibes than its English variation Theodora.

Bright. Thus, it’s not surprising that the significance of names has been valued and questioned in prose, art, and pregnancy articles, of course. The name is simple yet exotic, an amazing combination. Cool international boy names from Italy and Ireland, Scandinavia to the Middle East and beyond include a wide variety of choices. In fact, the name means "universal ruler" - from Russia to Japan, little Vladimirs will spread love and harmony. Last but not least, let’s talk about the name An. If you are looking for an uncommon variation of Mathew, then you can consider Mathis.

Santiago is a cool way to pay tribute to the... New. Another exotic twist of this unusual name is its Japanese variation Yasu. Are you looking for an exotic baby boy name that sounds cool too? Do you love the culture and language of a foreign land and want the same to reflect in your child’s name? Other variations are Milos, Miloslav, and Miroslav.

Juliet may ask; and perhaps we should agree - names are not the only factor that influences people’s lives. Simply because the Bran Castle is known as the legendary Dracula’s Castle. POPULARITY: 5. According to the legend of the Phoenix, the Phoenix was a mystical bird that could never die. It is the most popular name in Netherlands and among the top ten in Belgium. If you want a short and sweet name for your boy, then you can opt for Per, the variation of the name Peter. For sure the final match of the 2018 World Cup brought a smile to Zinedine’s handsome face. With the resurgence of lion related name, even this one has a chance. The variety of options, however, may confuse parents. Then you can consider Zane, a Hebrew version of John. As a matter of fact, many parents around the world worry about the name they‘ll give to their bundle of joy. Aurelio, Laszlo, Elio, and Wolf are among the more unique choices that we expect to be hearing on more American babies in the coming years.

Don’t you think Linus is a musical name? Little Umbertos will be brave, strong, clever, and talented. Also, note that Eugene is the name of the main character in Eugene Onegin, one of the most wonderful Russian classics written by Pushkin. Unleash your creativity and share you story with us! It comes from the Netherlands, the land of lovely tulip fields and liberal views. It is a trendy name in France and is gaining popularity in the United States too. Brontes is a very unique name for a boy and in Greek, it means “thunderous”. This name is the Greek form of Hebrew name Azariah, which means “God’s help”. Milica and Milka are great options for a loving and lovable baby girl. As she said, "By blood, I am Albanian. You need to pronounce it as Mat-Tees. Bran is a name of Irish origin, the land of legends and shamrocks. We should mention that Amit is also a Biblical name. Floro is another unusual name which moms and dads will love. Note that Shem was one of the sons of Noah. Novak is definitely one of the most exotic baby boy names on our lovely list. Other names that mean "new" include Neo and Nouvel. It is a name typically used by the Chickasaw, who are the indigenous people of the Southern Woodlands. You may want to choose an international boys' name that reflects your family's ethnic heritage or represents a culture you love. Exotic names are like a divine melody - a celestial melody that can take your senses to other dimensions and realities. Boys called Ade will become fair and strong individuals. Umberto is a popular Italian name meaning ‘bright bear cub’. Alfie is the 11th most popular boy’s name in the United Kingdom.

Sem is one of the most melodic and exotic names on our list. Sort: popular A - Z. filter: all girl boy unisex. The name Anders is very popular in Sweden. As a matter of fact, Daniel is a Hebrew name meaning "God is my judge." It is a name inspired by a female name Florence. Note that the name Alexander comes from Greek, meaning "defending men." It is a Greek name related to Zeus, the supreme God in Greek mythology. At the same time, they tend to be powerful and charismatic leaders.

Baby boys called An will be peaceful, helpful, and loving. We should mention that Ade is also a short form of the names Adebola or Adewale. Originally a surname, Blake started a... Noble. If you have European roots, then you will love this name for your child. Mama Natural book cover right week by week guide to pregnancy and childbirth. It means ‘a bright man’. Simply the World’s Most Interesting Travel Site. Some of these international names for boys, such as Cruz and Orion, are cool in the US and abroad, but many have yet to be discovered by American parents. It is an Italian version of the German name ‘Humbert’. For sure little boys names Killian will be strong, brave, and fair.

Lori Laughlin Begins Prison Sentence - A Cautionary Tale For Bulldozer Parents, It's Possible The Grocery Worker Has COVID & No One Knows, Egyptian Mom & Daughter Are Hilarious On TikTok, American Idol Alum Nikki McKibbin Passed Away At 42, Kim Kardashian Criticized After Posting About Her Elaborate Birthday Trip During Pandemic, Paris Hilton's Mom Kathy Joins The Cast Of 'Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills', Kim Kardashian Loves That Her Nephew Reign Thinks She Looks 26, 10 Best Gifts For Kids With Autism & Other Sensory Disorders, Kids With Disabilities Come Together With Injured Animals At This Farm. The name became popular due to Alessandro Volta, an influential physicist known for the invention of the battery. A famous bearer of this cool name is Grigor Dimitrov, one of the greatest tennis players of all time. However, moms from all over the world will love this name.

Actually, my sister is called Teodora. You've certainly come to the right place to find them, and their meanings too! ... Top 350 Manly Dog Names for Boy Dogs. Irish actor Cillian Murphy is a famous bearer of this cool name. The ancient... Read More, Ara is a unique boys' name that one of the most melodious in the Armenian name pool, familiarized by Notre Dame football coach Ara Parseghian.

The name Thijs rhymes with nice. A great choice for girls is Danielle. Italian names are masculine and full of rich culture and meaning. Another variation is Lazarus. In Europe, Andreas is currently in the Top 20 in... Read More, Angus is rapidly moving from fuddy-duddy, kilt-wearing old Scotsman to hip young American; it's definitely a plausible choice, particularly for parents whose roots go back to Glasgow. If you’re looking for original or unusual boy names — ones that will set your kid apart from the Jakes/Jacks/Bens/Liams/Hudsons in his class and keep things interesting, we’ve got you covered. Don’t worry, though - your little baby Bran will drink only milk and love. Flo's got some awesome gender neutral names for you. In the end, no matter what name you choose, mama, your little one will make your life more colorful and exotic. Jibri is a name popular in Africa and the entire Arabic speaking world. In fact, Italian physicist Alessandro Volta, the inventor of the battery, was a popular bearer of this beautiful name. Yet, there’s no doubt that words are magical. Along with Orion and Cruz, other cool boy names from around the world in the US Top 1000 include Aarav, Gunnar, Joaquin, Luciano, Mateo, Roman, Santiago, and Soren. There’s no doubt that little boys called Phoenix will be energetic, passionate, and independent. Aarav is also associated with the concept of wisdom. Create. Names with their unique combination of character and power can shape a person’s identity and destiny. We should mention that Paul comes from Latin meaning "humble." The name Alfie is a diminutive of Alfred, meaning "wise counselor," "handsome," and "old peace."

Just like the Phoenix, their beauty can never fade. These Baby Boy Names Have Real Swagger, Christina Anstead to Mom-Shamers: I Won’t Make Instagram ‘A Contest of Who’s a Better Parent’, Free Preschool & Paid Family Leave Are Coming to These States, Joanna Gaines Has a New Children’s Book for the Weird Kids — & You Can Preorder it on Amazon. The pronunciation of this name is way simpler than its spelling suggests. A famous bearer of this unusual name is the great Serbian filmmaker Emir Kusturica who created masterpieces, such as Arizona Dream, Underground, Black Cat, White Cat, and the Time of the Gypsies. Horizon and Creed are two surprise word name picks that lend well to the middle name slot as well. Many Irish names are well-known and regularly show up at the top of many popular baby name lists, but there are many lesser-known but equally cool Irish boy names. All rights reserved. Conan: A fierce, but sensuous name, Conan means ‘little wolf’. Sem is an alternative to Sam. Wisdom. Luckily we’ve taken the guesswork out of things and compiled a list of the best unique baby boy names. Americans see this Scandinavian name as old-fashioned, but Lars is very popular in Sweden, Netherlands, and Belgium. It’s of Serbian origin and means "new." Humphrey is a royal and exotic name in Britain. Do you love the name John, but prefer something unique for your child? In fact, the name Forest comes from French meaning "woodsman.". Femi – Love 4. Mountain goat; heights, upland; fertile moor. Darwishi – Saint 4. A famous bearer of this exotic name is the French soccer player Zinedine Zidane. The feminine form of this cool name is Yen. Uncommon baby boy names will continue to be in demand as trends dominate the charts. Luca is an exotic baby boy name, which is the Italian equivalent of Luke. It means water lily. Florian means ‘flowering’. An is also a Vietnamese name meaning "safe" and "secure." Other interesting variants include Gregor, Grisha, and Krikor (which is an Armenian name). Little boys called Razi are peaceful and quiet; they love analyzing the world and its beauty.

Also, it's a short form of Theodore, Theodor, Teodor or Teofilo.

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