exide battery codes

United States law also prohibits bribery of foreign as well as domestic government officials. Exide may, in accordance with the law, use its resources in order to establish and fundraise on behalf of a political action committee and solicit employee participation. Similarly, the antitrust laws of the United States apply to all foreign entities doing business in the United States. Such activities must take place on an employee’s personal time and at their own expense, however. Non-compliance with environmental, health and safety laws and regulations can have serious effects on the individuals involved, as well as on the Company. This Code memorializes the Company’s commitment to these fundamental principles and provides procedures for ensuring that the Company’s standards of integrity and ethical conduct are consistently and effectively maintained.

Re-send ... You can also register your Exide Battery/HUPS through : SMS : Just SMS "REGISTER" to 9223009988; CALL : Call to register at 1800-103-5454; EMAIL : Email us at exidecare@exide.co.in; I am a Dealer/Humsafar. Get Latest Coupons & Offers To Your Inbox. You should take care not to have conversations concerning confidential matters in public areas, such as on an airplane, in an elevator, or on a public telephone, where they can be overheard. Here are some of our clients: We don’t offer any assistance over buying or selling any products. You can violate this policy and the law even if you do not personally make the false statement or conceal the material fact. They may be made or received directly or indirectly, including arrangements that aid or abet others to make or receive an improper payment. The Company recognizes its obligation as a corporate citizen to conduct its activities in ways that promote a clean, safe and healthy environment, both for the communities in which we conduct business and for our own employees. You must not create, approve or disseminate any advertising materials, including without limitation battery labels and promotional materials, that are false or deceptive, are not adequately substantiated or otherwise violate applicable laws and regulations. The import data from Seair paves the way for successful partnerships that generate profit for business from both the local and global precincts.

Under the Export Administration Regulations, administered by the U.S. Department of Commerce, the export of commercial goods and services from the United States may require a specific export license from the Commerce Department. Likewise, under no circumstances will employees be permitted to request or direct the involvement in such activities of any employees under their chain of command. Similarly, you should secure confidential documents and not leave them where they can be read by a casual observer. Company policy also prohibits employees from giving or receiving excessive or non-customary gifts or services to or from others with whom the Company does business, whether or not such gifts or services constitute unlawful or otherwise improper payments.

All original legal documents must be sent immediately to the Legal Department. You must comply with all national, state, local and foreign laws regarding bidding for and entering contracts with a government body. Enter code Type the code from the above image; Submit. However, the Company recognizes that in some cases you may wish to remain anonymous, and the Company encourages all good faith reports of violations. All employees must comply with applicable laws concerning labor and employment, and in addition, must promote the Company’s goals of assuring equal employment opportunities for all in connection with hiring, assignments, training, compensation, promotion, employee benefits, employee discipline and discharge and all other terms and conditions of employment. Exide and its directors, officers, and employees must also require that third parties representing Exide – such as agents, sales representatives and distributors – agree to follow this Code and other applicable Company policies when acting on Exide’s behalf. October 27, 2020 Exide EMEA and Asia-Pacific now a standalone… September 14, 2020 Exide Launches First Web App Enabling Workshops… September 10, 2020 Exide Launches New Marathon FTX Battery … Exide Technologies has established this Code of Ethics and Business Conduct (the “Code”) to ensure that Exide Technologies and its subsidiaries and other controlled affiliates1 (collectively “Exide” or the “Company”), through their directors, officers and employees, conduct business honestly, with integrity and in strict compliance with the law. Preparation of Records; Compliance with GAAP. trade secrets or proprietary information; strategic sourcing information or analysis; patent applications, developmental or experimental work, formulas, test data, prototypes, models, and product specifications; sales and marketing strategies, plans and programs and product development information; employees’ and consultants’ personnel information, including but not limited to benefits, perquisites, salaries, stock options, compensation, formulas or bonuses, and their non-business addresses and telephone numbers; organizational structure and reporting relationships; and. You must comply with the document retention policy applicable to your particular business unit or subsidiary. Section B below summarizes certain laws and ethical principles that are of particular importance to the Company. Therefore, all advertising claims must be truthful and specific claims must be substantiated in writing before they are made. Even the potential for an appearance of a conflict of interest can be detrimental to the Company, and must be avoided. Under no circumstances may there be any unrecorded fund or asset of the Company, regardless of the purposes for which the fund or asset may have been intended, or any improper or inaccurate entry knowingly made on the books and records of the Company. In addition, fair and accurate advertising is important to preserve the Company’s goodwill and reputation with its customers and the general public. In consideration of those legal requirements and the Company’s business needs, the Company has established record retention policies containing the appropriate retention periods for the types of records created and received by each business unit or subsidiary. Offer Is Applicable On Products Displayed On The Landing Page Only. It is your responsibility to maintain an environment free from this type of behavior. Such conditions must be corrected immediately or the activity creating the condition must be stopped; Attempting to prevent violations of environmental, health and safety laws from occurring, and correcting promptly any such violations that do occur despite the Company’s best efforts; Striving to maximize recycling, and minimize the use of products or systems that may produce wastes or otherwise harm the environment. We will also require an annual certification of compliance with the Code by all officers with the title of Vice President or above. Copyright laws prohibit the unauthorized copying of copyrighted materials except under limited circumstances.

Exide complies with all laws and regulations concerning the use of Company funds, assets, facilities or services to support political parties or candidates and complies with all campaign finance and political ethics laws. No Coupon Code Required. All employees, officers and directors must sign a certificate confirming that they have read and understand this Code. your previous conduct with regard to the Code. You should address any questions concerning the export of goods to any higher authority in your chain of command, the Compliance Committee or the Legal Department.

Exide employees who are responsible for preparing and reviewing reports and other documents filed with or submitted to regulators and others and press releases and other public communications must strive to provide full, fair, accurate, timely and understandable disclosure in such materials. Generally, employees are not authorized or permitted to conduct any investigations on their own. The Company is committed to helping preserve, protect and, where possible, improve the environment for the sake of future generations and similarly expects each and every one of its employees to be mindful of the environmental impact of their individual and our corporate decisions and actions. The Company owns and uses patents, copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets. If you learn of a theft, fraud, embezzlement or misappropriation of Company property or resources, you must immediately report it.

The Company fully recognizes your right to decide whether, to whom and in what amount to make monetary or non-monetary contributions to political candidates. In addition, it is never appropriate for any employee to advise others to buy or sell securities of the Company.

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