e30 shock kit

(verified owner) – 2020-04-22, Great products, that are really well made & do their job well, brandon Instruction: It's a very "bolt-on and go" solution, and are precision machined out of a heavier metal to withstand the abuse of racing and lowering. Is your car bouncing around as you drive? -Bolt on your new calipers. (verified owner) – 2019-02-18, Fabian -Each purchase are for 2 plates, 4 bolts and 2 5 lug hubs ( if you choose the with hubs option ). The typical kit contains the following parts, in addition to those specifically listed in the description: Stage 1 Kits include the parts you'll need to restore your suspension to its OE quality ride. Is there a more in depth parts list of whats included in the FULL PACKAGE. Also i was looking into getting BC coilover (early model e30 set), would i have to buy two sepereate sets? To be clear, when we talk about the coilover sleeves. This kit will easily complete your 5 lug conversion on your E30. Very helpful in getting the right information first go. The sleeves are designed for moving with the control arm to ensure proper wear protection. FAST 'N FREE. Or just better BMW wheel options ? -Bolt everything in place, connect all brake lines, bleed your brakes. Got the parts in last night. Are you looking to maximize the full handling potential of your BMW? For every one that don’t want to spend all his money to buy new and ultra rare parts ( now discontinued by the dealer ! (verified owner) – 2020-01-20. Anthony B. Pelican has the solution. Love this product. -Take a ride ! NIKO B. He was very helpful in providing other information. It will distribute the load over a larger area to prevent failure. -Press in the 5 lug hubs No we do not provide front knuckles assembly, trailing arms or brake parts. You will need a custom set of hubs ). Engine Engine parts for the BMW 2002 including performance piston sets, connecting rods and all M10 engine rebuild parts including bearings, gaskets, seals and more.

The full kit ( with hubs ) is including 2 hubs that can be hard to found depending on your country. also great communicationa nd quick shipping. Also on the front the M3 almost directly bolts up to z3m front spindle but is a little short do you make an adapter for this as well? BMW    328CI   2000

FIT ON BMW  E30 ( 318, 325, i, is, e, es ) and more !

If you already have coilovers on your E30, you can normally contact the coilovers manufacturer or retailer to order E36 sleeves to install your E30 front coilovers in it. 2 BILSTEIN B4 Left+Right Rear Shocks Absorbers Struts Cartridges Set for BMW E30 (Fits: BMW 325e) $108.40. Enough to do 1 car. It can also be used to repair already damaged towers. Thanks in advance. They can be welded in or used as-is. This is for you, the ultimate and strongest 5 lug conversion kit available on this earth ! Perfect fit, great advice and friendly service. ). (verified owner) – 2020-02-24. You can mount the E36 front strut, you only need to re-drill two holes on the shock tower for keeping the E36 top plates. -Bolt on your new rotors BMW    328I     1999-2000, -2 rear calipers from:

The parking brake will also work !

-Complete e36 front knuckles with brake calipers, rotor, hub assembly, wheel, and coilover. *If you have special control arms that are 20.2mm, contact us, we can make you a custom kit easily for free ! -Use your stock e30 shock top plate and install them on the E36 struts or drill 2 holes on your shock towers to keep the e36 top plates.-Bolt everything in place, connect all brake lines, bleed your brakes.-Take a ride !-This kit is made from steel for the housing, oiled brass for … The metal tends to tear over time, especially if stiffer shocks are used. BMW    Z4         2003-2008, -OEM part number list: The Stage 3 Kit kicks up the handling another notch by providing even stiffer shocks and springs. BMW    325XI   2001-2005 Watch. So looking into purchasing for my 1991 E30 project. Stage 2 Kits increase performance a notch by providing a slightly stiffer ride and increased handling potential. For those of you looking to re-new your suspension, we here at Pelican are now pleased to offer these kits for your car. BMW sheet metal at the top of the rear shock towers in E30, E36, and E46 BMW cars is a well-known weak point. A very good product that works well! For E46 front and E30 rear, I'm not sure if a kit is available on the market. Thanks in advance. This site was designed and produced solely by Pelican Parts. *Please ensure that you having exactly 20mm diameter at the end of the control that slides into the bushing, some aftermarket control arms may have thick paint that needs sanded off to properly fit into the control arm bushing, please sand the paint down prior installing this kit! FIT ON BMW E30 ( 318, 325, i, is, e, es ) and more ! Parts required for the Rear End: Set of two which is enough to do E30s, E36s, E46s, and Z3s.

BMW Home > BMW 3-Series E30 (1983-1991) > Suspension & Steering > Suspension, Shocks & Springs.

Subscribe to get special offers, free giveaways, and once-in-a-lifetime deals. The rear of the car has drums, would i be able to keep my parking brake still? This is really cheap insurance to not need to repair shock mounts in the future which is known to be costly. Today I will be doing the swap super exited.

This kit will let you use e36 non-M or M3 complete knuckle assemblies on your e30 control arms. (verified owner) – 2020-02-20, Love the quality of the parts I have ordered great customer service, and man the shipping is quick, Anonymous So you will need to order two separate half kit. This will upgrade the rotor size from the 258mm non-vented E30 rotors to 294mm vented rotors.

BMW    328I     1999-2000 But you still can find a similar rated suspension than the stock e30's. Or modify the pattern of the shock tower directly to get the E30 pattern. All orders are shipped in 1-3 business days. (verified owner) – 2020-02-24. Consult authorized factory manuals when performing repair procedures. For example E36 front and E30 rear = Z3 or 318ti coilovers kit will fit. You wan to update your E30 to 5 lug. Designed to fit on top of the factory shock mount (inside the trunk). No need to find rare parts at the junkyard. These come unpainted/uncoated so you can paint to match your car. BMW    323I      2000 Caliper housing left         1x      34216758135 In order to pass the CAPTCHA please enable JavaScript, E30 5 lug Complete Adapter Kit ( Front and Rear ), Pedro from Santiago, Dennis from Hanscom AFB & 6 others. Yes absolutely, you will using the complete front E36 suspension and knuckles assembly. These Garagistic reinforcement rear shock tower plates are made from 1/8" steel (that's 11 gauge, some of the thickest units on the market today). AVOID ALL OF THAT WITH THESE.

Can I use the stock e30 suspension or do I have to use the e36 ?

Im also interested in maybe just going with bags. Pelican Parts is not associated with Porsche Cars North America in any manner, except for a mutual appreciation and love of the cars. So i will be purchasing this for my 1985 318i. You will need a custom set of hubs.

Caliper carrier                 2x      34216758134, Complete 5 lug adapter kit, Complete 5 lug Adapter kit ( without hubs ), Front Adapter kit only, Rear Adapter kit ( without hubs ), Rear Adapter kit ( with hubs ), Hubs Only, Replacement bushing ( one side only ), Replacement bushings set ( pair ), Thomas Lyon By entering this site, you agree to hold Pelican Parts free from any liability arising out of the use of any information contained within. The price is for a pair (2 units). We offer you the only safe conversion kit in the entire world ! BMW    325I     2001-2005 Suspension, Shocks & Springs for BMW 3-Series E30 (1983-1991): Suspension Kits for BMW (verified owner) – 2020-10-04.

Fits great, centered up my e36 5 lug conversion, parts are high quality! No questions asked, 14 days return policy*. What's going to happen if I dont get coil overs and just use stock e36 Front strut assembly with the kit? It have to be changed. Hi, you can use coilovers if you want use coilovers instead of normal suspension components. Required fields are marked *. ( please contact us if your E30 is from 84 or 85 ! Thanks! -This kit is made from steel for the housing, oiled brass for the bushing and then powder coated. Caliper housing right      1x      34216758136 ( please contact us if your E30 is from 84 or 85 ! You will need a custom set of hubs ). We provide you the parts that you need to easily adapt oem/jobber parts to your E30. There is the only affordable solution !! Hi, we are not sure about the fact of you have a Z3M and you put M3 brakes on it, They already have M3 brakes on originally.

(verified owner) – 2019-12-22. The installation of the kit went well after getting assistance Simon. Do you want bigger rear brakes ? You can contact us by email if you are not sure. So for this kit I would need to purchase e30 rear coilovers and e46 front coilovers? Quality looks good!! -These plate are made with brand new laser cut steel.

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