ct pt connection diagram

You will also need to keep in mind that you may have demand charges, base facilities fees and taxes. ABB, Peak Demand, and Ritz all make good CT’s and VT’s.

I am in dilemma what is going wrong. So be careful to select the correct PT ratio. Could you provide me with more information? amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon";

The same circuits may also be used for lower or high voltage PTs. This does two things, one, it makes sure that your CT’s are never overloaded and two, it is a way to find overloaded transformers.

One is to program it into the meter and another is to put the multiplier into their billing system. Read why you should be using PT’s here.

Look for ‘estimated’ or ‘levelized’ billing, it might be under low-income customer billing options. The secondary current rating is generally 5 amperes or 1 ampere, which is compatible with standard measuring instruments.

CT’s, or current transformers, and PT’s, or potential transformers are used in metering to step down current and voltage to safer and more manageable levels. This is actually the formula to find the maximum ampacity of transformers. Hi I need to replace a meter of a transformer (the secondary side) The secondary supplies a 450v 3 phase load, the secondary side of the transformer has no neutral. Rating of CT’s is 600/5 and we are using multiplier of 120. This section describes the most common service types and PT circuits encountered. Yes you can use more than one meter on one set of CT’s as long as you do not go over the burden rating of the CT’s. Since the meter sees 120 Vac, many of the measurements it reports will be low by a factor of 35 unless they are scaled up by 35. All of the above grounding configurations (including floating) can be monitored as shown in Figure 3 below. Figure 6: Utility Transformer: Delta-to-Wye Without Neutral.

If you go the other way and install 400:5 CT’s on a 200 amp service then you will most likely lose some revenue. PTs are described by the step-down ratio as shown in the following table of common ratios. Close, it would actually be $2880. Many people want to know what is a current transformer and potential transformer.

what happens if CTs of 200 ams installed to a 400amp meter and vice versa. I am always here to help. This means that their current coils are rated at 20 amps. They differ a little in their specifications but products from any one of those companies should meet your needs. Continental Control Systems does not sell CTs rated for use over 600 Vac, so CTs rated for medium-voltage services must be used. Please assist me on trouble shooting this. amzn_assoc_fallback_mode = {"type":"search","value":"current transformer"};
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The WattNode meter will be powered from the PT secondaries, so you will need to select a PT with a high enough burden rating. However, the reported power, reactive power, and power factor for the two individual phases may appear imbalanced, even if the actual load is balanced, so in this configuration, only the power and energy sums are meaningful.

If either side of the PT were wired in a delta, it would cause a 30° voltage phase shift and incorrect readings.

Am I able to power up two tenancies off one CT? For example, 4200 / 120 = 35.

Typical ratios are 200:5, 400:5, 600:5, 800:5 and so on.

This means that unlike self-contained services the customer’s power is not interrupted when the meter is removed. Follow the link to find out more about this theorem.

The 5 amp output of the ratio CT can be measured using one of our CTs to convert the 5 amp ratio CT’s output to a 0.333 Vac signal. You will need to make sure that you are reading the meter on the same days that the company is reading the meter. For example, the secondary winding of a 500:5 ratio CT will output 5 amps when 500 amps flow through the CT’s window opening (primary). Meter multipliers are used when meters are installed in transformer-rated installations. Does this tell me how many amp supply it is? Dear sir Pls send me mail also the answer of calculate the standerd size of CT. What’s the math on CT metering on the spades in a 3 phase pad 120/208 with 200:5 CT’s if running conductors back thru the CT’s to meter another service? Now i want to know what rating of current transformer and potential transfomer i should install.

Again, what this means is that when the stated value of amps is flowing through the primary side of the CT, 5 amps is flowing through the secondary side.

In this configuration, the PT primaries and secondaries are both wired in wye configurations. What would be the best way to meter this using CT’s? When 200 amps are flowing through the primary side of the CT, 5 amps are coming out of the secondary terminals.

What is the difference between voltage and current?

Now, to find the correct current transformer size for a three phase service we use this current transformer sizing calculation.

Be aware that these are general diagrams using standard test switches which may not match some Utility standards in their configuration and are for reference only.

Power companies have a couple of different ways of putting the muliplier into their billing systems. Thanks.

If the bill was 10-15% high, i can understand but its coming more then double compared to others. It depends on the voltage of the transformer. PTs are used for medium-voltage services above 600 Vac, but also sometimes for 575-600 Vac three-phase three-wire delta circuits.

Figure 7: Monitoring a Three-Wire Wye Circuit without Neutral. Let I have a energy meter and I don’t have information regarding its C.T ratio configuration, then what should I do? UCPTptRatio is limited to the range 0.05 to 300. Our monthly bills are the same as they have always been!

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That is because a 400 amp meter is a self-contained meter and does not use CT’s. WattNode® meters are available in seven voltage ranges up to 600 Vac line-to-neutral, as well as wide-range models that operate from 100 to 600 Vac. I have sent you an email.

Here I will try to demystify the CT PT confusion. The connection of CT, VT and other measuring and protection instruments are shown with thinner lines.

I love the information on your website. Just make sure that you are using equipment that is rated for the voltage and current on the circuit and that you are wearing all necessary personal protective equipment necessary. If the CT’s are to be placed in a pad mount transformer or on the pole and there is only one service coming off of those transformers, it is best to size the CT’s to handle the maximum amps that the transformer is good for. Any advice? This allows you to bolt wires to them. If you try to configure a value less than 0.05 or greater than 300, the meter will revert to a PT ratio of 1.0 (effectively no PT).

I know that I said before that you should consult with the engineer and you should but the formula that we use for current transformer sizing for a single phase transformer is:
If your PT ratio is different you would need to use that ratio instead of 120 and multiply it times 80. my ct/pt is 1/1A but i m using meter with Ib 5A are they compatible. I recommend against this practice for the safety of the meter tech or lineman who may need to install or remove these meters from service. Your email address will not be published. I have sent you an email. So 9600 would be the multiplier. For example, a 400:5 CT with a rating factor of 4 means that the CT is capable of accurately measuring loads up to 1600 amps (400 x rating factor of 4 = 1600). what is the effect of using a ct with ct ratio lower than that of the load to be metered? While other utilities do not.

CT’s have nameplates and ratings just like any other piece of electrical equipment. Keywords: PT, PTs, potential transformer, VT, VTs, voltage transformer, instrument transformer, Copyright © 1995-2019 Continental Control Systems, LLC.

So a voltage of 4200 Vac becomes 120 Vac. The transformation ratio of the current transformer is always remained high, whereas for the potential transformer its remains low. One thing that I want to note also is that CT rated meters are not only used as a secondary electric meter, they are also used as a primary electric meter as well.

When the energy reaches the rollover point, it rolls over to zero (like an odometer rolling around to zero).

9S Wiring Diagram (4 WIRE WYE) 3 PH, 4 WIRE (3 PT, 3 CT) GLEMS would like to thank and acknowledge the use of the following meter connection diagrams from Dr. Bill Hardy, TESCO. They should be the same. They say that our old CT rating was 200:5 and they have changed this to 400:5. and we have been substantially under paying. This leads to lost revenue. Have the been tested and shown that they are no longer accurate?

That would mean 400:5 = 80 x 120 = 9600.

I am assuming that you 120:1 PT’S.

Typical CTs for this application include: We call this technique piggybacking. The existing meters seem to use 2 CT’s and only 2 voltage supplies, there is no access to the meters. We fought and argued that they were wrong. If your PT has a different secondary voltage, you will need to make sure the WattNode meter’s voltage rating matches the secondary voltage.

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