chanel jewelry authentication service

In this case, we recommend you use a magnifying glass to inspect the date code. C: Refers to ‘Cruise’, indicating that the piece in question is from the Cruise collection. Jewelry from this era can be especially hard to authenticate because these rare pieces were not marked. We provide written statements of authenticity (non-authenticity) for submission to PayPal, eBay, credit card and USPS for disputes or fraud claims. We also show you examples of real vs fake CHANEL pieces of jewelry. We do not authenticate Sunglasses, Glasses, and Watches. We never issued a Certificate of Authenticity to this Seller for the fake bags listed.

Please note, this service is for vintage Chanel jewelries. The best way to really learn what makes the differences between an authentic CHANEL piece and a fake one is to study as many items as possible. It is, therefore, no easy task to get your hands on these little pieces of art and the really good deals are quite uncommon. We certify that all CHANEL Fine Jewelry pieces are made of gold (750 ‰) or platinum (950 ‰). With smaller, more delicate pieces, you can expect the date stamp to be accordingly smaller. Quality of Materials. Enter a location to find the closest CHANEL stores, EXCLUSIVELY IN BOUTIQUES AND AUTHORIZED RETAILERS, Damage resulting from accidents or from inappropriate or abusive use of a jewelry piece, Damage resulting from repairs or dismantling not undertaken by a CHANEL boutique, The consequences of normal wear and the aging of a piece of jewelry. Inspect first the logo on the authentic piece (left).

See pricing below for physical inspection.

For these bags, we can only do physical inspection. P: Refers to ‘Printemps’, French for spring, indicating that the piece in question is from the Spring/Summer collection. Obviously, this makes learning problematic in many ways. Nevertheless, with some knowledge on the matter, it is in most cases possible to determine the authenticity of a piece of CHANEL jewelry just from examining pictures of the item. ***Note:  For costume jewelry – if there is no signature plaque or etching, we cannot authenticate them.

Welcome to Étinceler Authentications – Your one stop Chanel Handbag Authentication Service. On necklaces and bracelets, the date stamps are usually engraved directly onto the lock. In addition to being educational, true CHANEL fans will likely also find it entertaining. On earrings and brooches, the date stamps are usually located on the back, i.e. And if you choose to buy second hand, how do you really know that the piece is, in fact, authentic? It is, however, worth a mention that the authentic Chanel necklace above is a fairly chunky piece of costume jewelry. CHANEL is one of the most luxurious and coveted fashion brands in the world.

Below, we outline what aspects of the date stamp you need to examine and how. Learn about Fake Chanel jewelry Fake Chanel jewelries are similar to authentic Chanel jewelry. The date stamp is one of the details that counterfeiters most often get wrong, and that makes it a great to start the authentication process. The necklaces above are supposedly from the same era. Each CHANEL Fine Jewelry piece is subject to the legal warranties currently enforced. This will either be an ‘A’, ‘P’, ‘C’, or ‘V’ which refer to the following: To the bottom center, you will find ‘MADE IN FRANCE’ written in capital letters.

New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, President’s Day (Lincoln and Washington), Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day. Check CHANEL serial number online: This is how to do it, The CHANEL Date Code: Everything It Says About Your Bag. A final word of warning is that with age, the date stamp may be more difficult to read due to wear and tear. Although executed almost microscopically, it still has the right dimensions. On the date stamp on the authentic CHANEL necklace, it is fairly easy to make out all text even though it is engraved onto a small plate. The counterfeit necklace pictured above is light and feels hollow. These are either engraved directly onto the piece or on a small plate that is then attached somewhere to the piece. In other words, pieces that are not specific to a single collection. On the fake piece to the right, it is pretty much impossible to determine what season and collection the piece is supposed to be from according to the engravings. Below, we compare the examples of an authentic and a fake piece to help you authenticate CHANEL jewelry. It is because they were made by metal mold which made from authentic Chanel jewelry. Learn how to spot fake CHANEL necklaces, earrings, brooches, and more with our detailed how-to guide. Just like the actual bag, it features the interwoven chain, the ‘CC’ turnstile lock, and the quilting. That’s why we have created this detailed guide on how to authenticate CHANEL jewelry, so you can safely shop pre-loved CHANEL. Vintage CHANEL pieces from the 1980s and 1990s are incredibly popular. Welcome to Étinceler Authentications – Your one stop Chanel Handbag Authentication Service. For Hawaii prices, A: Refers to ‘Automne’, French for fall, indicating that the piece in question is from the Fall/Winter collection. The seller altered our Certificates to sell these fake bags: black quilted Le Boy flap with silver tone hardware, hot pink quilted Le Boy flap with silver tone hardware, gold quilted Le Boy flap with silver tone hardware, beige patent leather classic flap bag with gold tone hardware, black patent leather classic flap bag with gold tone hardware and others. Some limited edition bags are very highly counterfeited and we may not be able to authenticate them via email /photos only.

More information In 1941, a brand by the name of Chanel Novelty Company produced brooches in 1941. Our authentication team at Designer Vault has come up with a few tell-tale signs to look for when trying to distinguish the real from the fake. We can only do physical inspection for U.S. clients. Even their pieces of bijouterie, otherwise known as costume jewelry, carry some heavy price tags. Similarly, only authentic CHANEL Fine Jewelry pieces are eligible for repairs. The following are not covered by these warranties: Beyond these warranties, repairs can be made by CHANEL Fine Jewelry throughout the life of each Fine Jewelry piece.For more information, call 800.550.5355.

Our mission is to provide personal authentication services and assistance in answering authenticity questions for Chanel handbags, wallets, ready-to-wear, shoes, costume jewelry, and other accessories. – Reissue flaps of all sizes You cannot check a CHANEL serial number number online on CHANEL’s website. CHANEL is an expensive brand, so buying several new or pre-owned pieces of jewelry to study is going to be costly, to say the least. There is no exception to this. It is, however, not only their high jewelry that is overtly expensive. Most pieces of authentic CHANEL jewelry have a date code. Super Fakes are counterfeit bags and accessories that are almost perfected by the counterfeiters and are very difficult or almost impossible to authenticate online based on pictures alone. In the event that your CHANEL Fine Jewelry piece is stolen, please contact the CHANEL boutique of your choice. Brands: Chanel handbags, jewelry, shoes and accessories except for Classic Flaps, Reissue Flaps, and the Le Boy Bags from the 15 million series (15xxxxxx) and beyond Pre-Purchase Authentication: Yes Authentication Expert: Michelle, long standing member of the Purse Forum The date stamps usually take an oval shape. We also provide email authentications for sellers wishing to have their items authenticated before listing on eBay, websites, second hand and consignment shops. Top center, you will find ‘CHANEL’ written in capital letters with the copyright symbols © and ® to the left and right, respectively.

Counterfeiters are becoming increasingly skilled at getting all details almost exactly right, making it ever so more difficult to tell their copycat products apart from the real deal. Inspect, for example, the bag pendant below, which resembles the iconic CHANEL flap bag. Étinceler Authentications was established in 2010 as an independent Chanel authentication service and is not affiliated with Chanel. – Wallets and Wallet On Chains– Entire Boy collection and Gabrielle collection. Unfortunately, it is not that easy. ****We no longer provide email authentication for the following bags from the from the 15 million series (serial number 15000000) and beyond due to the proliferation of Super Fakes circulating on the internet and secondary market (only physical inspection of these bags are available for additional fees): – All iconic classic flaps (mini, small, medium/large, jumbo, and maxi), including chevrons Available in boutiques from February 2021, Available in boutiques from November 2020, @media screen and (min-width: 60.0625rem){ div[aria-label="About Chanel navigation"] { height: 353px !important; } div[aria-label="About Chanel navigation"] .header__category+.header__category { margin-top: 1rem; } .header__primary__button.about-chanel[aria-hidden=true] { opacity: 1 !important; } }. A collection of guides to second hand designer shopping. Your piece has been crafted with meticulous care by CHANEL Fine Jewelry. The book examines CHANEL jewelry based on archive research, documents, and illustrations. These are the details of the CHANEL date stamp that we will go through, both on an authentic and a fake piece, to show you how to tell the difference: First, let’s talk about the date stamp in general. In this post, we provide a beginner’s guide to conducting a CHANEL serial number check. The authentic CHANEL piece to the left is from the AW95 collection. Before 1939, costume jewelry was exclusively manufactured to complement Chanel’s clothing line. V: Refers to CHANEL’s continuous line.

Bags and Items We No Longer Authenticate via Email / Photos Only, Etinceler Services LLC, all rights reserved. Whether you’re new to authentication or already a CHANEL expert, you will surely learn something new from the book, Jewelry by CHANEL (affiliate link, redirecting to eBay), by Patrick Mauriès.

Our mission is to provide personal authentication services and assistance in answering authenticity questions for Chanel handbags, wallets, ready-to-wear, shoes, costume jewelry, and other accessories. The authentic CHANEL piece, on the other hand, has some weight to it and feels solid.

Be aware that a seller on Craigslist Los Angeles is selling fake Chanel bags and has altered our Certificate of Authenticity to sell her fake bags. In this post, we show you how to authenticate CHANEL jewelry. The engravings will, therefore, be more difficult to read.

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