blink xt2 two way audio not working

Kev. Welcome to the forums! Just opened and set up ours and we have the same problem.

Voice sounds crystal clear on my phone, but voice at the camera keeps cutting out so person only hears one word now and then. What needs to be done? I think maybe because the XT2 has the 2 way talk support, maybe they raised the volume a lot to hear people on the other side but its ruined normal audio.

I am experiencing the same issue of inaudible sound coming out of the XT2 camera when using the press to talk feature.

Quality - best Support. Amazon did a similar thing with the Echo Dot. Call tech support. That's right, 2 years! I have got two way audio volume turned all the way up and I can hear the person on camera but they can barely hear me. Kev

Allow must be enabled in the permissions for microphone access. There is no way to distinguish real background sounds from voices.

Or @nick_at_blink may be able to verify it, if you don’t want to call support. Troubleshooting & Support.

I have a new support ticket in and waiting on a response - their Customer Support phone number just goes to voicemail. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, Two way audio not functioning properly with the Blink XT2. I suspected that it wasn’t a hardware problem. So has anyone had this issue resolved? May have to experiment on it. Unable to talk through the camera from the app, did everything suggested except replace the sync module. Now we are going to swap out my cameras and see if it’s a hardware problem.

Anyone else experiencing this problem may want to contact their ISP and see if they are also experiencing packet loss. Blink XT2 Camera Pros and Cons. My new blink xt2 has the same screaming, annoying, electronic, interference noises. The sound on my replacement cameras is much better. Blink is the completely wireless home security camera that sends motion-activated alerts & HD video to your smartphone for just $99. Maybe we can pin down the problem.

The problem is, there is also a pronounced interference like shortwave radio noise. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled. Somebody fix this problem. I seriously doubt you will find a consumer grade camera that does not do this.

Like I said - unrealistic expectations. BTW I am using mine primarily as a critter cam. Have to say the interface is not intuitive in this regard. That being said, be civil during your time here. Update firmware 7.87. Do you mean the specific sounds of nature you referenced, or a noise, resulting from a defect, that approximates to it? Then from there you should be able to go to live view, let the button load and talk away. I also have a Ring doorbell that has the same loud background of crickets, birds, etc.

Blink XT2 Pros: Camera has an excellent picture. Both installed and I can get video but the voice to the camera comes out choppy on both. Hopefully, Blink tech would come up with a working fix, in time.

They could see that I am experiencing packet loss on my line, so they are going to send someone out. I can hear fine on my android app but audio is very choppy when listening at the camera. Default video, did not change

Just received two cameras.

Seems like there are a few of us with this problem. That’s what the real world sounds like. Blink XT2 Cons: Initial setup required a firmware update to work. As far as the XT2, I have heard similar noise on noise suppression featured that is overwhelmed with background noise., as is the case with the nighttime cicadas, crickets & frogs.I tried to cover the microphone hole, but it didn’t make a difference. Same problem here, brand new 2 camera system and they are running 7.68. This certainly is not a defect by any means.

What is your network speeds? Damaging your brand here. Use of Blink cameras is subject to the terms found here. I am forced to disable the microphone since I can’t bear the audio noise with either live view or tape clips. Firmware is 7.67. I just got a set of 4 Blink XT2 cameras and after testing them outside my house (all over), I hear the same really loud background interference of cicadas, crickets, birds, frogs, etc., although, no radio noise. Anything I can do to resolve the difference so recipients can hear me? They don’t have connectivity to mobile devices & are more expensive. So what do I do? I will continue to contribute to this thread with my progress or if I find an alternative product. Good luck. It is not on every clip or live view, but more often than not. I do want to say that I have been very impressed with the level of attention and service I’ve received from Blink. System updated on phone foday and on cameras 7.67.

I tried setting the speaker volume to virtually 0 but still got the same results.

Kev. The latest Xt2 should be 7.65. I also have a Ring doorbell that has the same loud background of crickets, birds, etc.

In my case, much as it’s annoying, I don’t want to turn the sensitivity down, as I still want to hear what people say. Speed may be an issue, especially with multiple devices. I still have 2 weeks left before I can return the cameras… Unfortunately, I am stuck with the Ring doorbell for now! If you read my post carefully you will see I was responding to the complaint of background insect and other ambient sounds. I was sent a replacement XT2 and it has the same problem. No contract, no wires, and batteries that last 2 years. That even at virtually zero volume threshold, the same very jarringly loud background is picked up - that’s the design?

How do you update to the latest firmware? Same problem - sent back first camera. I am not sure what to do about it but its very annoying. About Blink. Hi, now I realise it’s not only my cameras with this problem. May just send it back & look for something else.

My device is a Samsung Galaxy S10. Boy, I’m glad we don’t share the same dumbed-down expectations. Cameras are small at around three inches square. Contact customer support.

On going outside, now educated, and stopping to listen to it, it suddenly became clear just how annoying and loud it is. LEDs. WTH.

Misc. Have strong signal to camera and wifi. Hopefully, Blink tech would come up with a working fix, in time. It’s a shame they don’t have a microphone volume adjustment 'cause the night background noises are way too loud. I am wondering if this is some sort of noise cancellation that is not working very well??? 1-year limited warranty and service included. VERY POOR FROM AMAZON. No noticeable signal loss. But this seems to be a mute point, as you’re returning the cameras.

Latest version of firmware. You are actually opening live view first by tapping the video camera icon on the LHS and not the camera on the RHS? There is no radio button on the Blink app to communicate while I’m away from home. As with Blink XT2, there is no way to soften or eliminate this audio defect. I agree.

Why have a microphone at all if you can’t make sense of what it records due to horrible interference type noise on the xt2. Good support. If it does turn out to be the hardware I will update here.

Click here to view more information on the Blink XT2 support page. Checked speed 12Mbs

We understand you’re frustrated, but we did not design the cameras/components, and we don’t work for Blink, Amazon, or Ring. This is a brand new device for me. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to activate the 2-way audio. Now, I get to lose you, as well, SUPER USER…. Audio. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, Blink XT2 audio has a lot of interference.

... Blink XT2 2-WAY AUDIO. I have same problem!!! These mics have to be very sensitive in order to pick up voices at distance. My wireless is usually a little over 200 Mbps ans provides great video from the camera, but the audio coming from the camera is completely useless.

I definitely do not have that option and assured I have the Black Blink XT2 model. Generation. Just installed and that’s one flaw I’ve been immediately disappointed with. Even though my internet speeds are more than enough for the Blink system, I wasn’t getting the 300mbs speed I was paying for, so I contacted my ISP. Android: Access Phone Settings, Apps and scroll down and select Blink from the list. Me too. What needs to be done? The XT1 sounds a lot better actually than the XT2. Ensure that you have the enable microphone option on. Free cloud storage. What video settings are you using? There is no radio button on the Blink app to communicate while I’m away from home. Please resolve this issue, as a recommendation is the strongest publicity or potentially the most damaging for your image.

Second, if you read carefully, the other posts are referring to background (electrical) noise not actual background sounds. I still have 2 weeks left before I can return the cameras… Unfortunately, I am stuck with the Ring doorbell for now! You may need to go to a higher tier product for the features you’re looking for. October 14, 2019, 11:00pm #1. pronounced interference like shortwave radio noise. Same here.

Camera to sync module 5 bars. What’s the fix? One blue LED to help you know when it’s active (optional) Warranty and service. Three new cameras for Christmas and none have a voice function. I have to say thanks for making my mind up: for a short while, I was thinking of keeping the cameras, albeit on a reduced feature usage (i.e., audio disabled) but when you pronounced this audio interference to be “working as designed”, that just about convinced me that my money can be better used with other products that are designed better. Speaker output and 2-way audio recording. I had my blink XT2 outside & I could hear the background cicadas, crickets & frogs fine. The cameras (Blink AND Ring) are working as designed. They were actually excessively loud. I would like to see a reply by Blink on how this situation can be handled. I hope Amazon will address this ongoing customer issue. My replacement unit should arrive today. As with Blink XT2, there is no way to soften or eliminate this audio defect. Secondly, can you post a screenshot of the settings for the camera? I would like to add that the volume selector on the XT2 is for the output, not the input. If Amazon does monitor this forum, I think you need to admit there has been a faulty batch manufactured and your clients are not satisfied. If the sound of nature, then how is that a fault, or a defect, as you described it, and how is that noise? I think your expectations might be a bit unrealistic. All other functions are fine. Only Blink customer support can force a FW update. Same here. In order to make it sound better playing music they compromised the intelligibility of the voice, in many cases, the most important function of the device??? I typically try to get my money’s worth, as in things that work as reasonably expected. I’m having the same problem on a 2 camera system. Can’t hear anything via the speaker on the camera. There’s no one from blink on this forum. @ronsec was being helpful, not sarcastic, and is accurate in his statements.

So it seems like a wide problem with the XT2. The Microphone must be enabled.

The microphones pick up all sound. Excellent battery life (based on settings). I think I hadn’t realised before because when outside I’m usually busy, doing other things, talking, etc, just busy, so I don’t notice.

If not, is this what you’re requesting? Sending 2nd camera back. Everything set up within 5 feet of router as I was having trouble connecting one unit. On a similar tack, I hear a lot of traffic noise on mine, and until I heard it on my recordings, I hadn’t realised it was quite so loud. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to activate the 2-way audio. I don’t like using a traditional critter cam. (no sound) Samsung Galaxy S9+. Camera to wifi - 5 bars

Lots of garbled noise & tones. You can try and get it to update by deleting the camera, pulling the batteries, and letting it sit dead for a few minutes.

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