biltong box light bulb

I've got about 800 grams in there but reckon I could probably fit 1.5 kilos easily.

You can use tinfoil on this tray and around the light at the bottom for easy cleaning. I cut a large hole on top and inserted a 120volt PC fan for circulation. The butcher from David Jones would cut me a portion of beef eye silverside. And that is what it is about!!! We run a 40w light, it is perhaps 3 cm away from the meat and no problem with the meat getting cooked. If you liked this project it would mean a lot if you could vote for me in the competitions this instructable is entered in. 2 years ago, Had someone bring me one from south africa and it has a light fitted, the recommendation is to use a 40w light as anything higher and you may start cooking the meat, The light should be fine from a fire perspective however i have my dryer placed where if it was to catch fire it wont set the whole house alight just in case, A mate of mine sorted me out with a few incandescents he had lying around - he's an electrical engineer and can get them easily as they make good resistors for load testing ....and the occassional batch of billies. Our design is simple to disassemble and clean. Display as a link instead, ×

My first test batch is on at the moment, lets see how this goes... Let us know what you think of it and send some pics please?

Variety 24-Count, Stryve Biltong, Beef Jerky without the Junky. Then took my jigsaw and cut out to connect all the circles. I needed a more accessible cut.

The other way of inducing air flow is to use a small heat source, such as a light bulb. my two cents would be to cover the holes of the ventilation up with some screen/cloth to prevent insects to get in.Also to cover the bottom wood with something that you can clean easily.

I decided on 9 hook positions to hang the biltong. Thanks for the good video.Callie, Question I cut ventilation holes on the top and bottom of each side and added screening. An air distributer has been added to maximise air flow consistency and create an even drying enviroment. In regards to the bulbs, I'm not sure I just hunted around or tried online. Ex tobacco farmers told me humidity must be below 60% to dry it.. Depending on the laser thickness the clips would be tighter or looser. It takes 1kg with ease which is a great for personal use and sharing with the occasional friends.

if the bulb "cooks" the meat then either the bulb is too close or to many watts. Thanks for the comment! The upgrade came with pre tapped bolt holes and bolted together. Hang it in the top part of the box. I then pulled the light cable through and hot glued the light fitting to keep it secure. I tried a few fan positions and filled the biltong box with smoke to see the results. HiThank you... A little question please. Yes, I could have grabbed a cardboard box and add a hot light and called it a day, but I faced a few problems traditional biltong makers avoided. Biltong is treated with salt and with vinegar to aid preservation. Have you ever thought 'How do they make Biltong?' I made sure that the fan was facing the right way, and blowing air into the box rather than pulling it out. Clear editor. I hope you enjoyed this guide, and if you make your own please remember to share a photo with me! Originally made for friends and family and placed on the internet to see if there was the occasional interest, the sales have kept us going. Please note that international shipping is roughly $100+ and we are not responsible for import taxes etc. where I am it is increasingly harder to obtain incandescent light bulbs and leds are not very hot being much more efficient, how could you make one of these without the light bulb , using some other low current device as a heat source? The main thing is to have good airflow. After a few months I realised that Coles and Woolworths regularly sell the beef eye cut. The light bulb will remove the humidity in the box and the fan is there for circulation. For small boxes a bulb and a fan is ideal, the bigger boxes should have a fan and a heating element and thermostat. Cold air is often better for making biltong as there’s less humidity in cold air, hence why traditionally biltong was made in winter months. Upload or insert images from URL. When I first had the idea to build a biltong box I decided that I wanted the best possible biltong box available. Mesquite BBQ, 10oz, FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon, Stryve Biltong Beef Mini Sticks. Very Interesting.

Shower humidity and toilet rituals should not be ventilated through the biltong box. You can dry sausage this way too, but they have to be very thin ( pencil thick) and no fat as this can go rancid real quick. I'm thinking about adding a light bulb as well because it doesn't seem to dry quick enough if I make anything over 1kg.

The first light bulb idea was the fan.

Good airflow is key to biltong making. Hi, could you explain the purpose of the light? So there’s plenty of space. 8 rods were positioned horizontally in the box which kept the box together. I then used this catch to keep the door shut. Yes it does. I wired the PC fan into an appropriate plug, but make sure to read up on what power you fan needs. We tried Bunnings but no such luck as you can apparently only buy energy saving bulbs these days.

We stopped shop for the last 6 months as we were short on stock items and I started a furniture business that demanded full attention. on Step 1, best size for biltong box. Purchasing 1kg of silver beef eye is about $15. John says: June 26, 2017 at 4:30 pm Hi Altus.   Your link has been automatically embedded. But for now if you head to my website there is a button to download the pdf. And drew around the inside of the fan blades to work out what size hole would be needed to let the air in. Share it with us! Question Gluing two bits of end grain wood can be quite tricky, so I made sure to use plenty of glue, and put the pieces in some large sash clamps. Yes after I finished the video I laid down some tin foil to catch any mess! The clip system was the final combination piece that made production and assembly effecient. and what might it be. You can place other foods and dehydrate them, but the biltong box has been design to specifically to dehydrate meat and to do that better. I could not go to a small butcher either as it was not a common cut.

The biltong will be ready in 3-7 days depending on the outside box … One more question, is it one with a fan only setting or do you actually make your biltong with a low heat setting? The disadvantage is that should a panel crack or a part be misplaced that was the end of your purchase. I know people that have made without a bulb and it has worked out, but I would add another fan or a few more ventilation holes! Some designs have a light at the top which completely defeats the point of having a light. 1 year ago To begin with, I live next to the beach, which is great, but it’s not the ideal climate for making biltong.

Just have to keep it on the lowest temparature setting and turn/swap the trays a couple of times to get more even drying. I added a 3 speed fan for more control.

They worked but I was not satisfied. I love the look and I love some of the old design features coming back say, you had it right 1st time round. Rather than making a special trip I could easily pick up a cut of meat from a few sources and a week later have some great biltong. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, All customers get FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon, Stock Your Pantry With Healthy Protein Snacks, Stryve Protein Variety Snack Pack | Air Dried 100% Beef Biltong | Lighter than Jerky | No Carb, No Sugar | 16g Protein | 4 Pack of 2.25oz, Stryve Original Biltong | Low Fat, Low Carb, Low Sugar | 16g Protein | 4 Pack of 2.25oz. You do not want any direct sun on the biltong box and obviously rain is not good for dehydration. Makes beautiful biltong and works well even in humid and relatively cool areas (like the coastal region of the Southern Cape in South Africa. Did you make this project? This makes them nice and secure. Anyways once running correctly you can use it to dehydrate apple and all other manners of food. Dear friend, i did not found the link to download the plans as you mention ". Thanks. I wouldn't really recommend a incandescent bulb with out a base in the box because if juices fall on the globe the the bulb can explode.

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