billy smith elvis' cousin net worth

The film will show for one night only on April 22, 2020. Home of the Daily and Sunday Express. Presley faced repeated threats of physical violence from outraged moral extremists and death threats from fanatics, as would later happen when he performed in Las Vegas.

Therefore, Billy was very close to Elvis and knew many of his secrets. Marty Lacker and Elvis' cousin, Billy Smith, were probably the closest true friends of Elvis according to some in the group.

Luke Evans, 41 deletes all photos of boyfriend Rafa Olarra from his Instagram! For example, he would rent an entire movie theater to watch a film. Since the emphasis was on large and potentially … Marty Lacker, another aide, also served as Elvis' chief personal aide for several years. Elvis used to dye his hair black and Billy revealed its reason: “The reason being someone told him his eyes were so blue and all that, [so] if he had dark hair it would make his eyes stand out.”. Over the years, the number of members grew and changed, but for the most part there was a core group who spent much time with the singer. “And it didn’t mean that he didn’t love each one of them, because he did.”, READ MORE: Elvis Presley’s cousin on TRUTH of facelifts, dyed hair, webbed toes, Jo said: “I think he loved all the women…most of all the women.”, While Billy added: “He just loved women.”.

Elvis used to sit in Billy’s room and chat for hours. "Sonny" West (died 24 May 2017, Nashville, TN),[4] Billy Smith, who was with Elvis from the start to the end and the only original member still with Elvis after 1976, Charlie Hodge, Lamar Fike, and Joe Esposito. Vernon Presley suffered a heart attack in the spring of 1975, just two years before Elvis' death. Hence they knew a lot about each other. Marty Lacker states, "Everyone had assigned responsibilities and they were far from leeches, hangers on or whatever else they were called. [15] These threats were kept out of the press for fear of triggering even more.[16]. Joe Esposito served as Elvis' chief road manager and personal aide for 17 years. Professional handlers and celebrity security experts had not yet evolved. Presley and his friends and employees also adopted the acronym TCB which meant "Taking Care of Business". Elvis and the Colonel discussed offering Red West and Sonny West a monetary settlement in return for a written agreement the book would not be published, and their experiences with Elvis, on stage and off would remain confidential. Know about their relationship and net worth. According to one account,[6] a crowd of people in front of the Riviera Hotel watched as two big black limousines arrived.

Charlie Hodge harmonized with Elvis, played background acoustic guitar, and gave him scarves and beverages during concerts, as well as being responsible for inspecting each stage layout before the concert.

[2] At that time Judy Spreckels seems to have been the only woman. They stated they hoped their book would "shock" Elvis into seeking medical care away from the physicians who were complicit in prescribing Elvis large amounts of prescription medications and fully resting and becoming "clean" off of these prescribed drugs. But now his cousin Billy Smith and his wife Jo, who lived near Graceland and were part of his inner circle, have revealed a “heartbreaking” truth surrounding his relationships. Talking about the first plastic surgery, Billy disclosed: “Elvis did not like the flare in his nose at that time, how wide it was. / Billy Smith, the cousin of Elvis Presley talks about his cosmetic surgeries and rumors of his webbed toes! But how true are these rumors? For Vernon the book was proof of his long-held distrust and dislike not just of those three but of the whole of the Memphis Mafia ..."[10] Even George Klein, who chastised and shunned other members of the group for writing books about Elvis, ended up writing a book as well.

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