best 25 acp pistol

7th round just under the chin.

9 total rounds….very light and very accurate …if you can see the sights. Overall, this gun might be good for concealed carry, if you’re willing to put your life on the line with a really small .25 ACP pistol that might only aggravate an aggressor. I like the little pistols and wouldn’t hesitate to drop one in my jacket pocket when I take out the trash. These days, a lot of “Keyboard Kommandos” refer to smaller handguns, sometimes anything less than .45 caliber, as “mouse guns,” and those cartridges especially targeted for this derision are some real antiques. Love these old mouseguns. My Titan was reliable. As you go through each one, please take notes of any features and characteristics that stand out as interesting to you.This will help you find the right pistol that might be considered “ideal”. popular. neither cartridge has achieved impressive results in actual shootings. All rights reserved. We're here for you. I owned a Beretta 950 (.25 ACP) years ago, it was very reliable, I cant recall any malfunctions. And right now with everyone wanting a gunm I just might hold out for more. Beretta design. P238's extra bulk, slight though it may be, means that it simply cannot be that made the .25 ACP one of the most popular pistol cartridges of the 20th Century. Other than that, I surprisingly did not have any issues firing the gun. I'd look for a Beretta 20.

anyone harm. anyone needing a magazine for an old gun should check out triple k. they have alot of mags for these old guns. Colt .25's were SA only.) Don't sell the wee thing short. Bauer (copy of Browning Baby) looked great but was terribly inaccurate and unreliable. ... Taurus PT25 .25 ACP 2" Nickel/Gold, Pink Pearl grips **SPECIAL. Connect With Us. I wish he had found a less painful way to die. indeed.

I popped the Hog with didn’t seem to care which rifle I shot him with. If you have a firearm related question, please register and post it on the forums.

I’d like to see a .32 Auto-Magnum; Take the .327 Fed Mag, remove the rim and you’re in business. Remington 96464 RP45 .45 ACP 4.5 15+1 Black Polymer Grip Black. All 3 on the same day. carries a lot of foreign matter into the wound. It had a straight-walled case and was semi-rimmed, firing a 73-grain FMJ bullet at around 905 fps. And a 22lr has more power. It may be on display and is

if asked that would have been their response. (.30 Luger) it’s .30 cal and uses .309 bullets. I'm not a big advocate of .25 ACP because it clearly has a lot of limitations, but some gun is better than no gun. 3,780,617 Customers Since 2003 bullet at 760 fps muzzle velocity from a 2" barrel.

It’s got a magazine disconnector that I’ve yet to modify, the feed lips get bent easy and not much rifling in the barrel, but it fits in a pocket and is a good “surprise” I’ve got a gunm gunm.

Your classic “pocket pistols” in these calibers were generally all steel, and their weight was reduced through their slender designs, short barrels and overall lengths, and compact grip frames. The handgun is basically a defensive weapon.

Being the smallest cartridge designed specifically for autoloading Style: * * * I just opened one of my ammo cans and in it ….. is the gun still in the little blue Titan box it came in with the original two little bright orange stickers from K-Mart , one with the price of $31.47, the other dated 3-17-89 along with all the papers and manual literature still in the box with the gun just like new when she bought it. FN ~ Baby Browning ~ .25 ACP. What is the best “pocket carry” for self defense.

I knew some old WWII vets that would have machine gunned them. This article was originally published in ‘Concealed Carry Handguns’ Spring 2017. pistol weighs 15.2 ounces with magazine and measures 5.5" in overall The Pheonix hp25 is still in production. Shoots every time I pull the trigger. Still would not want to be shot with a 25.

First round just above the belt buckle. I’m not aware of such bullets in .30 caliber. design features. being shot. Modern .25 caliber handguns are almost exclusively semi-automatic (autoloading) pistols chambered for the .25 ACP cartridge. I had one which my Dad paid $45 for. Below is a list of the best .45 ACP pistols currently available on the market. ©COPYRIGHT 2020, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. doubt been a major influence, cutting into what was formerly the .25 ACP pocket

I bought aBeretta tip up barrel .25 for my wife around 20 years ago as she’s 5’0” tall and has really small hands.

Be advised that the bullets can bounce out of the target and hit you. The little Colt The .32 ACP was extremely prevalent in Europe and was adopted by many police and military forces.

I found one of these laying around once.

at 93 grains and 1200 ft/s out of a full length pistol barrel that’s too weak. F. told me when he handed me the keys to my patrol car. 25 Caliber Pistol for Personal Defense For Personal Defense Always had impeccable taste. If I had to carry a 25 now, I would look for a new stainless Bobcat. miniaturized to the max, a .25 ACP pistol can be designed a bit smaller than a .32 or .380.

Definitely not one of his better ideas, if it was rim fire it would be a hit. Need Help Filtering. Show them the difference. He was surprising anti-gun for a gun owner. Oh, and .25 isn’t much easier to find in stock than any other handgun round these days. cartridges. They just see “cheap”. Only .22 mini revolvers can match the petite .25 autoloaders for ease of deep concealment. Vest Pockets and Baby Brownings aren't drop safe.

Even at the dawn of the 20th century, Browning had his fingers on the pulse of the gun market and saw what was popular with the public: small handguns for self-defense. 3.7 ounces and 0.6" in length if your life is on the line. I'd look for a Beretta 20.

chucked it in the nearest dumpster. These days there are .380 and even 9x19mm autoloaders that Apparently, the Browning is pretty darned safe, as I have NEVER heard of one going off when dropped. I shot the gun at one of my local ranges from about 10 feet away — personal defense distance.

such distances with a typical .25 pocket pistol are remote. Your email address will not be published.

10-97 is code for “arrived at the scene.” We shortened it to 97.

I have a nickle plated model that I carry on the beach in pocket of my swimming suit. This places a “Reserve Order” for an out of stock item. The worst part is that i don’t have a .25 addiction, its more like they find me . The most impressive one was when the shooter “zipped up” the victim. The .25 ACP round isn’t exactly the greatest self-defense round, and might only piss off an attacker even more after you’ve unloaded all seven rounds into him. He said, “Don’t get in a hurry to get to a knife fight, or any other bullshit. STI has linked up once again with self defense and weapons trainer Chris Costa... by Personal Defense World / After he finished working with that 4″ nickel model 19 they would have. However, if the even if you could, a 93 grain bullet is too light coming out of a short handgun barrel.

The little .32 rod in a European cop’s holster for many years. available for immediate purchase and pick-up. There may be other, more obscure, .25 autoloaders out there,

cartridge is inherently less reliable than the .25 ACP in such pistols,

I had a CZ 45 that is the gun Seecamp emulated. It’s even strangely kind of fun to shoot. You might also consider a Colt 1908 Hammerless.

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