athene annuity rate sheet

They offer a strong portfolio of fixed annuity products designed to meet consumers’ accumulation and retirement income needs. If you’d like complete annuity rate information with all available indexes, crediting methods and interest rates please make a request using our Contact Us Form. The majority of these non-GAAP measures are intended to remove from the results of operations the impact of market volatility (other than with respect to alternative investments) as well as integration, restructuring and certain other expenses which are not part of our underlying profitability drivers, as such items fluctuate from period to period in a manner inconsistent with these drivers. Flow Reinsurance: In the second quarter 2020, Athene generated record quarterly flow reinsurance deposits of $2.3 billion, an increase of 101% year-over-year and 163% quarter-over-quarter, which was driven by strong volumes from existing partnerships who sought to utilize Athene's competitive advantages. 0 The products offered by Athene include: Athene had total assets of $183.2 billion as of June 30, 2020.


Poor’s Financial Services LLC and have been licensed for use by BNPP. Our Class B common shares were economically equivalent to Class A common shares and could have been converted to Class A common shares on a one-for-one basis at any time. The forward net investment earned rate on fixed income and other investments is expected to benefit from investing excess portfolio cash and liquidity as well as executing the ongoing redeployment of the Jackson portfolio. 1 Because the index applies a volatility control mechanism, the range of both the positive and negative performance of the index is limited. Morningstar has no obligation or liability in connection with the purchase, administration, marketing or crediting of interest for the Athene Annuity and Life Company’s Products. Athene Annuity & Life Insurance Company is a leading provider of products in the retirement savings market. %PDF-1.6 %����

Weighted average common shares outstanding – adjusted operating and adjusted operating common shares outstanding assume conversion or settlement of all outstanding items that are able to be converted to or settled in Class A common shares, including the impacts of Class B common shares on a one-for-one basis, the impacts of all Class M common shares net of the conversion price and any other stock-based awards, but excluding any awards for which the exercise or conversion price exceeds the market value of our Class A common shares on the applicable measurement date. Company Product Name Interest Rates Min. There were no dilutive securities for the quarter. xmp.did:74117FC520071168B34BA149FDF45C78 We believe a measure like other liability costs is useful in analyzing the trends of our core business operations and profitability. Help clients build their retirement savings with an Athene MYG annuity. Optima-Italic 0 Adjusted operating earnings (loss) per common share, weighted average common shares outstanding – adjusted operating and adjusted book value per common share are non-GAAP measures used to evaluate our financial performance and financial condition. from application/x-indesign to application/pdf Additionally, you can find complete fixed index annuity rate sheets and product information for many top annuity products in our annuity reviews . TrueType Collection BNPP, S&P or any Third Party Licensor does not have any liability with respect to the fixed indexed annuity in which an interest crediting option is based on the BNPP MAD 5 Index is included, and is not liable for any loss relating to the fixed indexed annuity, whether arising directly or indirectly from the use of the BNPP MAD 5 Index, its methodology, any BNPP Mark or S&P Mark or otherwise. Adjusted operating income available to common shareholders for the second quarter 2020 was $490 million, or $2.49 per adjusted operating common share, compared to $370 million, or $1.95 per adjusted operating common share for the second quarter 2019. Our adjusted operating income (loss) available to common shareholders equals net income (loss) available to AHL common shareholders adjusted to eliminate the impact of the following (collectively, the non-operating adjustments): We consider these non-operating adjustments to be meaningful adjustments to net income (loss) available to AHL common shareholders for the reasons discussed in greater detail above. The NIER was 3.44% for the second quarter 2020, compared to 4.63% in the prior year quarter.

MYGA rates differ in CA, CT and SC. 3 Weighted average common shares outstanding - adjusted operating excluding Apollo is adjusted to exclude the Athene shares issued in exchange for the AOG units as part of the Apollo transaction, but does not include an adjustment for the shares issued in exchange for $350 million cash.

converted Inorganic: On June 18, 2020, Athene entered into a fixed annuity reinsurance agreement with Jackson, whereby Athene assumed $29 billion of gross fixed and fixed indexed annuity …

For index availability, please refer to the applicable Product Guide, Certificate of Disclosure or Prospectus. “We generated nearly $7 billion of organic deposits at exceptional returns, a quarterly record, with strength exhibited across all our channels during a period when others were forced to pull back.

The price of APO common shares appreciated 49% in the second quarter, which primarily drove the sizable rebound in fair value. S&P 500 Daily Risk Control 2 8%TM Index (Total Return). Noah Gunn

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