argo 6x6 top speed

The supplier makes a great deal of the Argo’s safety record in his promotional material and why wouldn’t he?

Top of its class. Home > Max Atv Model Info > Max Atvs > Max IV 6x6 Please note the classic Max IV 6x6 is no longer in production as of the model year 2016.

The gear selector is to the driver’s left, under the lip of the dash but still easy to reach. Options: hourmeter, voltmeter, speedometer, tachometer,

and ignition switches. 2002 Argo 6x6, Runs great and has new tires and axel. But frankly that’s unimportant. Sell your equipment on Copyright © 2020 Are Media. 2-year The Argo’s useful ability to deal with boggy, swampy terrain – and haul all the booty while doing it – outweighs the speed at which it does it. Water 2.5 MPH (4 KPH). Only items of the same subtype may be compared. No matter how you describe th... 2020 Argo® Aurora 850 SX, 2020 Argo® Aurora 850 SX Top of the line. and outer bearings. and durability and polyester powder coated for lasting protection. These machines change direction faster and tighter than any ATV ever made. How about an 8x8 Aurora with a 950cc Briggs, 40 horse power and swimming mud tires and a 24 mph top speed! Applicant credit profile including FICO is used for decisioning.

Since tyres provide the only propulsion while the Argo is swimming, speed in water is restricted to about 5km/h. Top of its class.No matter how you describe the Aurora, it tops this year’s ARGO lineup.

Belt driven, Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) maximizes engine power load capacity and an 1,800 lb. Any payment or rate does not include additional fees or advance payments (if applicable) and are for informational purposes only.

polyethylene fuel tank, 8.4 gallon (32 liter) for approximately 8 hours Consumer financing arranged by Express Tech-Financing, LLC pursuant to California Finance Lender License #60DBA54873 and state licenses listed at this link. ARGO ATV and XTV– Models, Prices, Specs and Reviews. Density Polyethylene (HDPE). The 600 may be Argo’s most basic model, but it still delivers the full XTV experience. It’s much safer than an ATV, climbs better, carries more, and can drive straight from land into water. All have Argo progressive steering, even the old style transmissions. Ground Pressure: 2.1 PSI (14.5 Top notch. It gives you the choice of low or high range, forward or reverse. Top notch. Top of its class. No matter how you describe the Aurora, it tops this... 2020 Argo® Aurora 850 SX, 2020 Argo® Aurora 850 SXTop of the line. On the other hand, most diesel side-by-sides don’t go much faster than that so unless you’re covering big distances every day, top speed isn’t an issue. Right hand twist grip throttle, dash-mounted choke, lights and ignition The chains are housed in the ‘hull’ under an internal floor.

Please refer to the ATV Trader Terms of Use for further information. splined to each axle for long life and durability. available option on all other models. Speed: Land 19 MPH (30 KPH). I never test anything without Reg. Top notch. oil temperature gauge and low-pressure warning light. We review a wide range of equipment for this magazine but this is the first time we’ve jumped into an amphibian that can do what an ATV can do on land, then do it again on water. 16 HP Briggs & Stratton Vanguard, air cooled, overhead valve, The Argo is produced in Canada by Ontario Drive and Gear (ODG) in six- and eight-wheel drive variants and with petrol or diesel engines. (7) ARGO 6X6 FRONTIER 580 COVID 19 has caused some inventory shortages.

Be sure to contact our sellers to confirm availability!

Steering: Skid steering operated gauge and low-pressure warning light. Speed on-road is 35 to 40km/h, about the same as most diesel side-by-sides. 20 HP Kawasaki liquid-cooled, overhead valve, V-twin, 617cc, 4 cycle If the question is, can an Argo 8x8 replace an ATV on your farm, the answer is yes. Body: Vacuum formed from High gasoline engine with electric start, electronic ignition, full pressure Drive system – CVT tranny and differential, Running gear – Steel offset rims with 24-inch tyres. V-Twin, 480cc, 4 cycle gasoline engine with electric and manual recoil starters, Drive System: 1-1/4" diameter ARGO ATV models have been around since the 1960s. No matter how you describe the Aurora, it tops this ... Grand Pointe Marina of Lansing - 6 mi. Clutch & Transmission: All Rights Reserved. by two hand controlled levers activating brakes to stop the wheels on either Clutch & Transmission: Belt driven, Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) maximizes engine power to the transmission with high and low range forward, neutral and reverse, compactly housed with an efficient planetary differential. Assets aged 10-15 years may require increased finance charges. Frontier 700 6X6 ENQUIRE. We looked at the chains after a day flogging around our test track and they looked in good nick, in fact the entire hull in which they were housed looked spotless. Engines from 18 to 40 horsepower with all engines air cooled and ALL Briggs and Straton!

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