a word that describes big white fluffy clouds

We can then use these connotation words to connect to another word of the same description. Create a reaction poem about children of the city by amadis ma. Ano ang pinakamaliit na kontinente sa mundo? Still have questions? can someone help me with my poem? University of Oxford apporte un financement en tant que membre adhérent de The Conversation UK.

Looking up towards the sky, all we can see is big, white fluffy clouds drifting past and think all are the same. 10 Weird Atmospheric Phenomena That'll Spook You. Stratus is a low continuous cloud sheet covering the sky. You'll recognize them as white or gray patches that dot the sky in large, rounded masses or clouds that are aligned in parallel bands. Stratus clouds hang low in the sky as a flat, featureless, uniform layer of grayish cloud. The Big white clouds were as soft as cotton. What Causes Rainbow-Colored Clouds in the Sky? When gusts of wind blow water droplets outside the cloud, they rapidly evaporate in the drier environment, giving water clouds a very sharp edge. Because cirrus clouds appear above 20,000 feet (6,096 m)—an altitude where low temperatures and low water vapor exist—they are made up of tiny ice crystals rather than water droplets. NERC Independent Research Fellow, Atmospheric Oceanic and Planetary Physics, University of Oxford. Storm Clouds: Hazy, Gloomy, Overshadowing, Grim, Damp, Bold. Besides altocumulus being higher up in the sky, another way to tell them apart is by the size of their individual cloud mounds.

They typically appear earlier in the day when it’s sunny. Altostratus appear as gray or bluish-gray sheets of cloud that partially or totally cover the sky at mid-levels. Even though they cover the sky, you can typically still see the sun as a dimly lit disk behind them, but not enough light shines through to cast shadows on the ground. Near the ground, Cumulonimbus are well defined, but higher up they start to look wispy at the edges. The separate lights of the studio flash kit should be positioned so that the portrait exhibits only one catchlight per eye. Called "cloudlets," the individual cloud mounds of cirrocumulus are much smaller than that of altocumulus and stratocumulus and often look like grains. A dead giveaway to distinguishing cirrostratus is to look for a "halo" (a ring or circle of light) around the sun or moon. Cumulus: little white fluffy clouds.

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