1983 dunbar basketball team roster

When one member of the team makes a mistake, the team pays for that mistake.

Another marquee out-of-state match-up against Jon Scheyer and Glenbrook North in Evanston, Ill. The DeMatha/Power game is the most significant high school game ever.

The ACC sent 9 teams to last season’s NCAA Tournament, and the 17 win conference champion became part of the biggest upset in the history of college basketball. He later played in the McDonald's All-American Game and Jordan Brand Classic. Poet 4 Life. They played another game on ESPN2, as they took on future pro Eric Gordon and North Central. The 1973 team was the best DeMatha ever had.

Cleveland Cavaliers 1983-84 Roster and Stats. Best high school basketball team ever. Or write about sports? We came up with the 10 best high school basketball teams of all time. There is one cart in the corner that every player is aware of, but no one ever touches. Wootten turned down the offers, according to Sports Illustrated, because the Maryland job, was the only college job he wanted. Highest Ranked PUBLIC SCHOOL, in US Today history . They beat teams by an average of 30 points, and they still get together today and joke about the time that they played Walbrook High, and didn't miss a shot for the whole first half. I mean the list goes on . They won the Alhambra Catholic Invitation Tournament, beating Mater Christi, Power Memorial and Leo High School. In 1891, James Naismith was told to create a game that could be played inside during the winter. BUT DURING the 50's,60's, an the 70's there were teams that would've possibly put 5 or 6 in the LEAGUE BUT, BLACKS werent going away 2 MAJOR. Buzzy O’Connell was the primary ball handler for the Stags. Boston was still dealing with the consequences of Len Bias's death in 1986, and it looked like they were starting to pull out of their doldrums. ”I will never forget that game," Wootten said several years ago.

However, there will never be a team like the one that dominated the early 80's and today's generation of Poets understand that.

They also had a pure jump shooter in Mark Harris who scored 44 points in the State Championship game. The future NBA All-Star was a blur with the ball in his hands, he remained a consistent force for the Wildcats. He was good enough to play at the University of Niagara. Thornridge beat teams by over 30 a game without evem trying.

4) 2005-2006 Lawrence North (Indianapolis, IN) (29-0)Players: Mike Conley (NBA), Greg Oden (NBA), Stephen Van Treese (Louisville), Damian Windham (Chicago St.), Notable Wins: Dunbar (OH), Proviso East (IL), Pike, Franklin Central, North Central, Glenbrook North (IL)Coach: Jack Keefer         In 2003, Greg Oden and Mike Conley became the first freshmen to start for head coach Jack Keefer and the two have been linked ever since. As a junior in 2014, Ben Simmons posted 18.5 points, 9.6 rebounds and 2.7 assists.

Their dominance as a program has reached more than 50 seasons. NOT ONLY IN SPORTS BUT IN EVERY ASPECT OF AN HIGH SCHOOL. The 7-foot center dominated the post for four seasons and was a runaway IndyStar Mr. Basketball. You picked an Oak Hill team that was only ranked #3 by USA Today behind Simon Gratz and Martin Luther King from Chicago which had 7’3, 7’1, 6’5 frontline. #1 team that year.

There is a strong foundation and infrastructure for youth basketball that often begins in places like Lafayette Park, Madison Square and Cecil-Kirk.

The future Nevada star was one of the more slept on recruits in the 2013 class. He helped Ohio State reach the national championship game in his one season there. Truth be told, even though Reggie went on to have successful career with the Boston Celtics, before his untimely death, he couldn't even crack the starting lineup for the mighty Poets of Dubar. Russell averaged 19.3 points, 4.7 assists and 3.6 rebounds per game as a senior. Enough said.

Slap the hands on the floor, hard nose defensive pressure. The Washington Bullets would play a few games in Baltimore during the season, and would have to take into account Dunbar's schedule. Averages 110 per game.

throughout the USA.

During his NBA career, Bogues tallied 6,858 points, 6,726 assists and 1,369 steals. Are you a Stathead, too? This isn't a sprawling private school campus, with a state of the art basketball complex, or a lilly white Catholic School that caters to the more affluent and wealthier families of Maryland. In 1983, USA Today voted Reggie the National High School Player of the Year.

MLK fimshed with a not so great 16-6 record. We present them here for purely educational purposes. I have always been a longtime fan of college basketball and the NBA.

The 1972-73 team in my and a lot of others in the CITY BELIEVE THAT THAT TEAM IS THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME.

As the players do their drills under the huge banners that adorn the gym, it is a constant reminder of what people who have the same background as them can accomplish. Former UCLA basketball coach John Wooden described Morgan Wootten when he said, "I know of no finer coach at any level – high school, college or pro. ‘82 Dunbar, #2. The story says "last March" which means it was 1981. Thornridge had the quickest full court press, best team chemistry, and 3 highly intelligent coaches on the floor in Quinn Buckner, Mike Bonczyk, and Ernie Dunn. They routed Oak Ridge in a nationally televised ESPN game 93-57.

He also knew that the young boys were going to need a whole new set of standards to live by, other than what they had been exposed to in life. He sometimes gets lost in the shuffle because he was a year older, but the other boys looked up to his competitive nature and experience.

Enjoy, drop us a comment and let us know who we missed. Also, Muggsey Bogues wasn't at Dunbar when CH beat them. As a senior leader in 1973 Dantley averaged over 22 points and 11 rebounds per game. In 1991, the talented Lithuanian basketball team was desperate to make the trip to the 1992 Olympics, but they were strapped for cash. The athletic forward was a smooth outside shooter, a force on the inside with an explosive first step, and a master of psychology. He had an outstanding relationship with Coach Wade, that still exist to this day, and immediatley bought into his philosophies.

Middletown Ohio Middies 76-1 I was friends with Reggie Lewis and the rest but I don't think they would have match up with my classmates Brian & Ernie Graham, Calvin Maddox, Walter Copper and so on. I have LOVED n wanted to attend the "CASTLE" on Orleans Street since I can remember.From my father in the late 50's and until the middle 90's, there was always a member of my family at DUNBAR. This team won won a still area record 58 consecutive games. plus countless titles during segregation.

There are no free rides to half court, and every dribble from the opponent is challenged. Melo & Big O will be NBA first rounders this year (2020), Cam Shelton, Eli Scott with major college stats & all conference accolades.

The team was an unstoppable force going a combined 60-0 during their junior and senior years. Giving the 1973 team, 2 NBA lottery picks. Coach Wade was a strict disciplinarian, who ran practices like a boot camp. Lawrence North beat up on Dunbar (Ohio) featuring five-star guard Daequan Cook in a nationally televised game. St. Joe, because they didn't play Mt. High Basketball Team has to be on the list. Your list is a very interesting one with a lot of great teams, but I have a couple of bones to pick with you.

The basketball teams of Dunbar are still powerful, as evident by their State Championship victory in 2011.

i was at that game dunbar was up 9 points when the father of calvert hall sat on the bench everything went crazy,slso r.williams didn't get in until the first ot that game went in triple ot and reggie finish with 8 points what wouldve happen if wade started him.

Avg 115 pts a game, national champs undefeated, 1982 and 83 Decatur High School state champion 82-57 game winning streak in 83 ranked number to nationally.

For me, it is based on the players I've seen play. Upon rule violation, players could be seen and heard doing jumping jacks and cross-country runs, with their bricks in hand. D.J.Johnson/Baltimore Orioles on March 23, 2017: Last time i checked only 2 players from the same high school. I remember when mugsy's sister and I was in the same class at Dunbar. When it comes to strength of schedule, this team ranks first of all time. The 1983 team was #1 from wire to wire, and no one else was in the conversation. Best of luck this winter!

They play in one of the top conferences in America.

They had growing pains early in the season, but by January they were invincible. My father was Skip Wise's best friend when he was at Dunbar. Dunbar High School, Baltimore (MD) Basketball Players - RealGM Wade used the "ghetto dumbells" as punishment, but also felt that the bricks gave his players stronger legs and wrist than their opponents.

He had amazing length with his long arms and relished playing above the rim. As a senior, Oden averaged 22.1 points, 10.5 rebounds and 3.5 blocks per game while shooting 74 percent from the floor. The 6’5 guy could hit his elbow on the rim when he was a freshman. Poets Basketball 2020-21. Two City Championships. He was also on the team that lost to the Cinderella Villanova squad of 85. Led by Quinn Buckner, definitely the gold standard in Illinois. The Eagles defeated No. When you come to practice, you come to work.

It is a cart full of Coach Wade's infamous "ghetto dumbells". That team averaged 88 points per game and was the most exciting team in Flint high school basketball history. I would put them up against any high school team. I attended " THE SCHOOL", which us ALUMNIS PASSIONATELY CALL IT. Since then, the conference lost 12 players that were early entrants to the NBA Draft and landed 19 of the top 100 recruits in the country.

All 5 starters made All Metro DC. Thornridge’s closest win was 70-56 against a good well coached Chicago St. Patrick team in a game they just were flat. Our list includes 1982 Dunbar Poets, 1993 Oak Hill Academy, 1989 St. Anthonys, 2014 … He finished with 7,058 points and 2,393 rebounds. Ok. The Dome in Baltimore, where only the best are allowed to grace the playing courts.

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