12 gauge slug range

Is he an asshole? In terms of safety, part of the shell may remain behind in the barrel, causing potential problems if not noticed and cleared before another shot is fired. Type of ammunition used mainly in hunting game, "The Police Shotgun: Versatile, Powerful & Still "The Great Intimidator, "Impact Munitions Use: Types, Targets, Effects", http://www.theboxotruth.com/docs/bot43.htm, "American National Standards Voluntary Industry Performance Standards for Pressure and Velocity of Shotshell Ammunition for the use of Commercial Manufacturers".
The defining characteristic of the Foster slug is the deep hollow in the rear, which places the center of mass very near the front tip of the slug, much like a shuttlecock or a pellet from an airgun. It was designed to enable deer hunting in the Great Depression using smoothbore, choked shotguns. I have to experiment. One can use the Lee 1 ounce slug in place of shot and do pretty well (~1250 ft/s for 1500ft-lb of energy), but with heavier charges of slower powders, one can do a lot better (~1600 ft/s for 2400 ft-lb of energy), 50% better. No roll or fold crimp was required to hold the wax slug in the hull.

Here’s a guy shooting groups at 25 and 50 yards with no sights, not even a bead. In such cases a slug will provide a longer range than a load of buckshot, which traditionally was used at ranges up to approximately 25 yards (22.8 m), without approaching the range of a rifle. A 7″ group is the difference between a kill shot and wounding an animal at 100 yards, choke is absolutely meaningless when shooting slugs, and slugs start tumbling at 25 yards. 437.5 grain (1 oz) X 1,760 FPS X 0.729" caliber /7000 = 80.19 TKOF), This page was last edited on 11 October 2020, at 02:59.

I plan to shoot them in my Rem 1100 with its rifled barrel. Wow. Cut shells have the advantage of expedience. This differentiates them from traditional slugs, which are not designed to benefit from a rifled barrel (though neither does the other any damage). Only that 3cc of powder made a good crimp in “Winchester AAHS 12 ga hulls”, two-piece hulls… I find plenty of those at the range.

In my digging on the web, I found an article about loading the Lee 1 ounce slug in a WAA12R wad with a 1/8″ nitro card over the powder with a mysterious “powder X” that occupied 3cc. Once the snow is plowed I will fire a group and film it happening.

It slows to less than half its muzzle energy at 100 yards, which is below the minimum recommended energy threshold for large game (1,000 ft lb is recommended for deer, 1,500 for moose, and 2,000 ft lbs for elk). Shotgun slugs are sometimes subject to specific regulation in many countries in the world. Shotgun slugs have a far shorter maximum range than most rifle cartridges, and are safer for use near populated areas. Here’s a guy using a rifled barrel who got ~1″ groups with such slugs.

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This gives the Foster slug stability and allows for accurate shooting through smoothbore barrels out to ranges of about 75 yards (69 m). My observations and opinions about IT are based on 40 years of use in science and technology and lately, in education. What do you do with old shotguns with lead-only barrels? Shotgun slugs are often hand loaded, primarily to save cost, but also to improve performance over that possible with commercially manufactured slug shells, which often cost over US$35 (2013) for a small box.

One guy solved the space problem by shortening the hulls… He found 42 grains HS-7 worked very well with WAA12R in Remington hulls.

Slugs, which contain only one projectile and usually exceed 0.36 inch in diameter, are controlled under the Firearms Act, and require a firearms certificate to possess, which is very strictly regulated. As an example, one common .30-06 bullet weighs 150 grains (0.34 oz; 9.7 g). Point of impact rose a few inches with the increasing charges.

It all depends on the slug and the barrel. A modern variant between the Foster slug and the sabot slug is the wad slug.

During the 1930s, though, many if not most shotgun shells were roll-crimped over an overshot card, and hand tools for putting a roll crimp on a paper shell were readily available and very inexpensive. There’s lots of data around.

We did serious damage to a bunch of clay targets resting in the snow so the group-size is <5 inches, good enough for deer at that range. I plan to charge my Solo by means of a tracking solar array.
We then used 40, 43 and 46 grains of HS-7 under WAA12R wads with hand-cut corrugated cardboard wads under the slug. I have tried as low as 34 grains in a 1 ounce wad but get rather loopy trajectories and the occasional squib.

The car I’m looking at works to -35C. The Taylor knock-out factor (TKOF) was developed as a measure of stopping power against largest game in Africa,[citation needed] and is defined as the product of bullet mass, velocity and diameter, using the imperial units grains (equal to 64.79891 mg), feet per second (equal to 0.3048 m/s) and inches (equal to 25.4 mm): TKOF Iron sights or a low magnification telescopic sight are needed for accuracy, rather than the bead sight used with shot, and an open choke is best. {\displaystyle {\text{TKOF}}={\text{MASS(Weight in Grains)}}\times {\text{VELOCITY(Feet Per Second)}}\times {\text{DIAMETER (Caliber in Inches)}}\times {\frac {1}{7000}}}

Foster slugs can safely be swaged down much more than Brenneke slugs, when fired through a choke, being hollow, however recommendations are generally for cylinder bore or improved cylinder chokes. These slugs have a ballistic coefficient ~0.06 so they are devastating to about 50 yards and useful to ~100. Slugs are only accurate to 25 yards, if you shoot at anything beyond that you are just being an asshole.”.

At 100 yards they usually print 3"-4" groups but the K.O., like any smoothbore slug, often loses stability somewhere between 75 and 100 yards and one may tumble far off target.

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