Mangalur Belt



The Mangalur greenstone belt is 25km long and 4 to 5km wide, located 40 km north of the currently producing Hutti gold mines. It is composed of metamorphosed basalt, gabbro, ultramafics, felsic volcanic rocks and coarse clastic sedimentary units like at Hutti, Kolar and Sonakhan belts. The rock formations are invaded all round by granites. Hence, the geology is ideal for the search of gold deposits.

Samples from DGML’s Mangalur gold mine dumps at Mukangavi analysed 6.1 and 18.9 g/t gold. Earlier investigations by the GSI and development work done by HGML have revealed a gold resource of 22,645 ounces between fourth and 10th level (up to 300m depth) in this currently inactive mine. Average grade of the ore is reported to be 7.8g/t which is attractive for an underground mine.

Data from earlier exploration by GSI and our own work involving multi-element geochemical analysis of 46 rock-chip samples from different parts of the belt have brought to light two new prospects viz; Jainapur prospect and Mangalur village prospect, both located on the same tract as but outside the limits of the Mangalur (Mukangavi) Gold Mine of HGML.

Geo Mysore Services in association with DGML has filed 3 applications for PLs-Mangalur block 1.2 sq km, Jainapur block 1.1 sq km and Mukangavi block 4.5 sq km. Further exploration by drilling will be undertaken upon the grant of these licences.

a) Jainapur P.L. Block

The Jainapur Prospect is located 2.5 km NW of Mangalur mine. A 1.5 km long, 0.5 to 5m wide mineralized zone has been traced. Random rock-chip samples from outcrops have given gold values up to 2.45g/t. Samples from earlier trenches across this zone have analysed 1.1 to 4.98g/t gold. 11 boreholes have been drilled by the Geological Survey of India to investigate the depth persistence and grade. The report is unpublished.

b) Mangalur P.L. Block

Mangalur village Prospect is located about 4.5 km southeast of Mangalur mine. Sulphide bearing quartz veins from a well, located west of the village, have assayed 14 and 65g/t gold. Sitting on either end of the DGML’s Mangalur mine, Jainapur and Mangalur village prospects are considered good exploration targets.

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