Current Projects

Current Projects

Earlier Projects

Within the states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala, DGML has explored several regions spanning 6,574 sq. kms.

These regions include:

  • Dharwar Shimoga Belt
  • Hutti-Maski Belt
  • Mangalur Schist Belt
  • Ramagiri Schist Belt

Dharwar-Shimoga Belt Project

In the late Archaean Dharwar-Shimoga belt gold mineralisation is hosted by sulphidic banded ferruginous cherts. DGML explored the entire area of 5,329 sq km under 3 RP blocks and succeeded in identifying 22 prospects within the RP block. A total of 7 PL and 2 ML applications were submitted covering the prospects. DGML is awaiting grant of these PL and ML applications to commence intensive exploration, which includes resource drilling and pre-feasibility studies in the Ganajur Main, Mangalagatti SE and Bhavihal prospects.

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Hutti-Maski Belt Project

Hutti Maski Greenstone belt is one of the most important Archaean gold bearing belts in India. Gold mining activity in the belt has been known since pre-Ashokan time, about 3000 years ago. Modern gold mining commenced in the Hutti area around 1947. The Auriferous tracts of Hutti greenstone belt are remarkably similar to the classic Archaean Superior Craton in Canada, the Yilgarn Craton in Western Australia and the Kolar greenstone belt in India.

The Hutti-Maski belt hosts world class Hutti Gold deposit that is being presently mined by The Hutti Gold Mines Limited. DGML carried out exploration over an area 851 sq km in the Hutti Belt under its two Reconnaissance exploration Permits (RPs).Our exploration comprised structural and geological mapping, geochemical sampling, geophysical surveys, Reverse circulation (RC), Rotary air blast (RAB) and Diamond core drilling etc. The systematic exploration efforts of DGML geologists resulted in defining 21 gold bearing blocks. A total of 12 prospecting licenses (PLs) applications covering the 21 gold targets and 1 Mining lease (ML) application in Hirenagnur have been filed with the Karnataka State Government. Due to delay in grant of the licences, DGML could not undertake detailed exploration in the prospective blocks as planned.

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Mangalur Belt Project

The Mangalur greenstone belt is 25km long and 4 to 5km wide, located 40 km north of the Hutti gold mines. Data from earlier exploration by GSI and our own work involving multi-element geochemical analysis of samples from different parts of the belt have brought to light two prospects viz; Jainapur prospect and Mangalur village (Brahmin’s well prospect). Both these prospects are situated on either side of the Mangalur (Mukangavi) Gold Mine held previously by Hutti Gold Mines Ltd. Geomysore Services in association with DGML has filed 3 PL applications viz- Mangalur block (1.2 sq km), Jainapur block (1.1 sq km) and Mukangavi block (4.5 sq km). Further exploration by drilling will be undertaken upon grant of these licences. Amongst these, the Mangalur block is an exciting prospect which was earlier mined by John Taylor and sons. The John Taylor report points out that the Mangalur village block workings was explored by shaft sinking and 3 level development upto 300 feet. As per the report, the quartz lode at 150 feet level had analysed gold values of 24 g/t, 31 g/t 14 g/t and 31 g/t between 70 to 100 feet. Similarly the north drive analysed very high gold values including some of 76 g/t and 105 g/t.

DGML during its RP tenure collected a few samples from this area which showed 14 and 65g/t Au with significant silver content. Orientation geochemical sampling along east-west profiles also indicated 40-metre wide gold-Arsenic anomaly coinciding with the inferred Mangalur Village block mineralization.

Sitting on either end of the HGML’s Mangalur mine, Jainapur and Mangalur village prospects are considered very good exploration targets.

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Ramagiri Belt Project

The Ramagiri belt forms the southern half of the Ramagiri-Penkacherla greenstone belt. Ramagiri is located 40km south -southeast of Anantapur and 180km due north of Bangalore. It is one of the important gold-bearing greenstone belts of the Eastern Dharwar Craton.

The Ramagiri RP block comprises the well known 13 km long Ramagiri Gold Field (RGF) that was a scene of intensive underground mining activity by the Britishers in the early part of the last century. Three main mining ventures in this tract produced about 176,338 ounces of gold at a recovered grade of around 15 g/t from high-grade veins in the years 1910 to 1927. Until April 2001, the Government of India owned Bharat Gold Mines Ltd. (BGML) was operating the underground Yeppamana Mine in the RGF. The GSI, has reported gold ore resource of 590,000 tonnes @ 3.7 g/t under different categories from the RGF and also an inferred resource of 3.96 million tonnes averaging 1.32 g/t to 5.6 g/t of gold.

DGML’s Exploration resulted in delineating 3 blocks worthy of detailed exploration by drilling. These are:

  • Ramagiri Gold Field block (RGF) – 20 sq km area
  • Boksampalle block – 17 sq km area
  • Ramagiri west block – 18 sq km area

PL applications filed on the first two blocks are under processing by the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh. The extension of the BGML’s lease hold, Power House mine and the South Jibutil mine fall within our 20 sqkm Ramagiri Gold Field P.L. block.

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Future Prospects

As on date, a total of 15 Prospecting License applications (PL) and 3 Mining Lease applications (ML) have been submitted by us and our subsidiary, which are pending for approval with relevant Government authorities.

Ganajur Main Gold deposit Project

A highlight of the exploration undertaken has been the discovery of Ganajur Main Gold deposit Project that is located in Haveri district of Karnataka state. DGML has applied for a Mining Lease on Ganajur Main Gold deposit. The issue of a Letter of Intent (LoI) to grant a Mining lease is awaited to undertake detailed feasibility studies which will be followed by commencement of mining and commercial production of gold upon execution of the ML.


Ganajur SE Prospect

New Resources have also been estimated in Ganajur SE Prospect, which is considered as the continuum of Ganajur Main Prospect. Geophysical IP survey has been very successful in tracing new zones of possible gold mineralization.

Karajgi Main Prospect

Karajgi Main Prospect has shown significant potential in terms of gold mineralisation and is likely to add new resources in the PL Block.

In addition to Ganajur Gold deposit, DGML has made significant discoveries in Mangalagatti and Bhavihal prospects located within the Dharwar -Shimoga greenstone belt as well as in Hirenagnur of Hutti- Maski greenstone belt where drilled resources have been identified.


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