Deccan Gold Mines to unearth India’s hidden gold reserves

Art of Jewellery, 16 January-15 February 2005 :


The gold mining tradition in India dates back to 8000 years. The rich past of India boosted of 900 gold mining sites like the Kolar, Hutti, Gadag, Wynad goldfields. Of that it appears that Wynad was responsible for the great gold boom of 1880. But then mining faced a dearth due to various socio-economic and political factors and also inadequate expenditure and nationalistic policies. Once again there is a revival happening. New India, with it’s liberalized policies and strong economic growth outlook is reviving the mineral exploration and mining sector through foreign and private investments. Deccan Gold Mines with some of the best gold prospects in the country, geologically similar to the areas that have been home to major world gold discoveries, is playing a leading role in this revival.

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